2016 New Year Aug 2016 to Dec 2016 Horoscope Predictions for Sagittarius (Dhanushu Rasi)

Aug 01 to Dec 31 Malefic Effects of Sade Sani begins (35 / 100)

You will experience problems on your family environment now. The relationship with your spouse and other close family members will get affected. There is no surprise if you develop any serious arguments and fights. There will be lack of conjugal bliss and this can aggravate your problems for newly married couples. If you are planning for baby, it is better to wait until first week of Dec 2016. It is better to avoid looking for a new match. Lovers will find romance is missing on their relationship.
You will start getting more work pressure now. Your colleagues will be jealous of your recent promotion and growth. You will start seeing hidden politics and soon you will get into heated arguments with your coworkers. Your manager will suddenly start micro-management on you. You will get complete privacy at your office but will be under high quality surveillance camera set by your boss. Business people will start seeing sudden debacle and will lose your big clients for silly reasons. You would not be able to complete the projects in time that can put your life in miserable state.
This is going to be a challenging period for your finance. Your expenses will drain out your saving very fast. You would have increased your commitments a lot by changing your life style. Now you will pay the price for your increased standard of living and high quality life style with more pressure. It is better not to do any investments since it can bring you more losses and can make your situation much worse. Stay away from stock market trading otherwise Saturn will make you feel bad.

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