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ராசி பலன்கள் by கே.டி. ஜோதிடர் [KT Astrologer]

மீன ராசி குரு பெயர்ச்சி பலன்கள் (Jun 18, 2014 - Jul 13, 2015) - கே.டி. ஜோதிடர் [KT Astrologer]

கணித்தவர் - கே.டி.ஜோதிடர் [KT Astrologer]


Guru Bhagawan was in your 4th house so far. Besides Saturn and Rahu was in your 8th house and Ketu was in your 2nd house. Asthama Sani along with Asthama Rahu might have made your life so painful in the last over 12 months. Jupiter could not get any opportunity to provide any relief. Now Jupiter is aspecting your moon sign after a gap of 7 years, is going to bring awesome changes in your life. The upcoming Rahu and Ketu transit is not good however the saturn is transit is looking excellent. Overall this Guru Transit can bring you many good changes in your life.


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June 18, 2014 to Sep 03, 2014 Growth and Happiness (70 / 100)

If you have ailing health, you will see great recovery with simple medications. However your health problems will not go away immediately since Ketu is entering onto your Janma Sthanam. But the intensity of the problems will keep going down for sure.


Your family environment will be very much supportive. If you are single, you will find your suitable match. It is a very good time for you to get engaged, however if you can wait until end of this year to get married, it would be great. Since you will come out of Asthama Sani by end of October 2014. If you were separated from your spouse, it is a very good time to join with your spouse. Lovers will have excellent time. Young married couples will get blessed with a baby. Overall your family environment is looking good.


If you are expecting a job change, It is a perfect time to apply for a new job. You will get an excellent Job with excellent salary package. It is also excellent time to get promotion and salary hike. Financially it is a great rewarding period. However you need to be bit careful if you are playing in stock market. But your expenses will keep going down and you will have an opportunity to pay down your debts. For traders and business people will see strong recovery.


Sep 03, 2014 to Dec 09, 2014 All Around Happiness (85 / 100)

Congratulations for graduating from Asthama Sani. Even though Saturn transit takes place on Nov 02, 2014, you will feel the good results from Sep 03, 2014 onwards. You will come out of all the health problems and mental stress you have been facing so far now. You will obtain your sound health back during this time.


If you are single, you will definitely find your match and it is an excellent time for getting married. However since Rahu is on your 7th house, do not take any hasty decisons on your marriage. Many people will get an opportunity to land in abroad for the first time. Let it be anything you do, you will see great success. Business people and traders will see skyrocketting growth. If you were waiting for foreign travel, then it will become true during this period.


There is no question of unemployment now. Still if you face any issues, then definitely there is something wrong with your natal chart. Many people will get very good job offer with great sign-on bonus. You will have so much of luck and now is the time for you to enter into stock market. Speculators will enjoy most profits from stock market trading. You will pay off your outstanding debts and start saving money for the future growth. It is an excellent time to buy your dream home and / or car.


Dec 09, 2014 to April 09, 2015 Slow Growth (50 / 100)

No planets are looking worse during this period for you and the contray is also true. Overall you will see slow growth during this time. Your time is good enough to maintain whatever you have got in your life in the recent months. Your work pressure might go up or you may see some unwanted changes happening in your work life.


Your family envionment would not be so great. You will have good relationship with your spouse. You need to postpone taking any importany decisions during this time. Make sure you are flexible enough in character at your family and work environment.


April 09, 2015 to July 14, 2015 Excellent Time (85 / 100)

SInce Jupiter will regain its strength, many good life time events will happen during this time. Your ailing health will recover and family environment will be very much supportive. If you are single, it is an excellent time to meet your soul mate and get married. Eligible young couples will get blessed with a baby. Married couples will have conjugal bliss with their spouse.


You will make excellent progress on your career. If you are expecting a promotion, it will come true. Chances are going abroad is also very high. If you are unemployed, you will get an excellent Job with excellent salary package. Financially this period is looking so great. You will pay off your debts and start saving for your future.


If you have good natal chart support, you can consider buying a new home during this time. Chances for buying a new car is also highly indicated on the cards. Speculative investments can yield good profits but not for all. Since the position of Rahu and Ketu are not good.


Also note that you will be placed under testing period after July 14, 2015 since Jupiter will enter onto your Runa Roga Sathry Sthanam. Plan to protect your assets by June 2015 itself.


Warnings / Pariharam

1. Avoid taking Non-Veg food on Saturdays.

2. Visit Kuchanur in Theni District and / or Thirunallaru.

3. Help older people and handicapped people

4. Visit temples on each and every Saturdays.

5. Do charity as much as you can.

6. Meditation and Prayers as much as possible.




Predictions Written By KT Astrologer


இந்த குரு பெயர்ச்சி ஜூன் 2014 ல் இருந்து உங்களுக்கு எப்படி பலன்களை ஏற்படுத்தும் என்பதை அறிய பின்வரும் இணைப்பை கிளிக் செய்யவும்.


மேஷம் ரிஷபம் மிதுனம் கடகம்
சிம்மம் கன்னி துலாம் விருச்சிகம்
தனுசு மகரம் கும்பம் மீனம்