Mars Retrograde by KT Astrologer

Mars represents energy, war, police, sports, conflicts and arguments, risk taking, ego, aggressive attitude, sexuality and power. When progressed moon makes trine aspect with natal Mars, you will get lot of energies to do more things. You will be tempted to do too many things life. One way it is very good since you are very active during this time. However sometime you will take unwanted hasty decision and increase your bets on sports and gambling. It often gives a mixed results and hence you need to study your natal chart aspects clearly so that whether this aspect can manifest in a positive way or not can be analyzed.


Mars Retrograde is considered as an important event in astrology. Mars gets retrograde motion for a short period of about 72 days once in every 698 days (almost two years).



How does the Mars Retrograde can impact you can be found based on your moon sign or sidereal zodiac on this page


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