Secondary Progressed Planets Aspects by KT Astrologer

Western Astrology is used in western countries like USA, UK, Germany, France, Canada, etc. It uses the Tropical Zodiac for the planet positions. It will significantly differs from vedic / hindu astrology system where it uses different zodiac like Vakya, Lahiri, Krishnamurti, Drik Kandiha, etc.


Predictive Astrology - Secondary Progression

This would be a very interesting analysis in western system. The time the person is born, the planet position on each day will correspond to the effects for one year for the native. It means if a person is born on Jan 01, 1980, then what effects he is going have at his age of 30, can be seen on the planets position on Jan 30, 1980. For the effects on his age of 50 , you have to look at the planets position on Feb 19, 1980. Moon is the fastest moving planet. Moon takes about 2 and 1/2 days to cross one sign. In this way, progressed moon to revisit the natal moon will take about 30 years. This timeline is equivalent to the transit period of saturn.


Note that if you have secondary progressed Venus or Mercury aspecting nicely in conjunct or sextile with Jupiter, you will have big fortunes for many years in a row. This system replaces popular vimsottari mahadasa in Indian (Vedic) Astrology.



Progressed Planet Aspects