Venus Retrograde by KT Astrologer

Venus represents beauty, fortune, gambling, pleasure, social interactions, romance, marriage and sexual life. When progressed moon makes trine aspect with natal Venus, you will tend to spend more time with people from the opposite sex. You will be very lucky on your romance. It is a ideal time to select your spouse and get married. This time is also looking excellent for conjugal bliss with your mate. You will spend your on vacations, parties, casinos, tours, movie, music and entertainment etc. People involved in media and entertainment (movie star, director, producer, food, restaruant, hotels) will have excellent time.


Venus Retrograde is considered as an important event in astrology. Venus gets retrograde motion for a short period of about 40 days once in every 539 days.



How does the Venus Retrograde can impact you can be found based on your moon sign or sidereal zodiac on this page


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