Brexit - Stock market reaction in vedic astrology by KT Astrologer

Brexit - Stock market reaction in vedic astrology by KT Astrologer

June 28, 2016 As you know, voters in Great Britain voted on Thu, Jun 23, 2016 whether it should remain a member of the European Union. 51.9% voted in favor of withdrawal from the European Union, that triggered huge loss for the sterling (GBP) on last Friday June 24, 2016.

Lets analyze what planets caused this event and who would got more fortunes based on betting on this trade. By looking at gochara planets, moon was in Makara rasi (Capricorn moon sign) and day lord is Jupiter. Jupiter and Rahu made exact conjunction on Friday June 24 by 4:00 PM. Jupiter responsible for banking sector and Rahu responsible for stock market manipulation, caused biggest currency collapse of GBPUSD in stock market history.

In any such outcome of the event, there are two sides of betting. Gold prices went up while GBPUSD collapsed.

People who would have made big amount of money in the last week would belong to:
1. Dhanushu (Sagittarius Moon Sign)
2. Kumbha (Aquarius Moon Sign)

People who would have got mixed results, small profits are:
1. Kataga (Cancer Moon Sign)
2. Mesha (Aries Moon Sign)

Tula Rasi (Libra Moon Sign) - is hard to predict since only their natal chart will dictate the path for tham.

People who would haved extreme financial disaster, are:
1. Makara (Capricorn)
2. Meena (Pisces)
3. Midhuna (Gemini)
4. Simha Rasi (Leo Moon Sign) - bad but exceptional because would have any money left on their account to bet for this trade.

Billionaire Business Magnate - George Soros enjoyed big fortunes with Brexit bet. With his date of birth (Aug 12, 1930), we could see that he was coming under Aquarius Moon Sign. Jupiter would have provided money shower on last Thursday.

Caution: People who are currently having unfavroable Jupiter needs to stay patient until first week of August 2016 to feel better. Still Jupiter is getting more and more powerful, so further trading would create big finanicial diaster.

What Next?

Based on Vedic Astrology, Brexit needs to happen before July 28, 2016 otherwise it is unlikely to happen. I mean chances of United Kingdom to remain as a member of the European Union is high from July 29, 2016.

Having said that it leaves another chances of betting to go long GBP against USD to make money. However you need to check your natal chart and transit planets support to cash out the profits and use the profits correctly in the futures with diversified portfolio. Even though people could make money in one bet, they may lose it if their time is not supportive in the long run.

Watch out the important dates:

1. Mars enters agains to conjoin Saturn by July 12, 2016.
2. Saturn will regain its energy level completely by July 29, 2016.
3. Saturn and Mars conjunction will deliver its results by Aug 2016.

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