Kollywood will get relief from suchileaks with Venus direct from April 15, 2017

Kollywood will get relief from suchileaks with Venus direct from April 15, 2017

Venus represents beauty, fortune, gambling, pleasure, social interactions, love, romance, marriage and conjugal bliss. Venus dominates arts, media and entertainment indstry. Venus transit effects will be felt more by movie star, director, producer, food, restaruant, jewelery and retail industry. Venus goes retrograde for about 6 weeks once in about 18 months. When Venus goes retrogarde, people in media indusry can experiecne adverse results. All retrograde cycles will give a chance to revisit the past life events. Relationship in personal life can get affected for a period of 6 weeks when Venus is in retrograde.

Venus is in retrograde cycle between Mar 4, 2017 1:38 PM IST and April 15, 2017 3:37 PM IST. I have written this article to explain the connection between the Venus Retrograde cycle and how some kollywood stars got affected during this period.

Venus went Retrograde exactly on Mar 4, 2017 1:38 PM IST. While the leaks started coming out from Mar 3, 2017 and OneIndia Tamil released the news about #SuchiLeaks at 2:21 PM exactly when Venus went retrograde! People attention got into this news very quickly and kept getting worse as venus started moving backwards from March 4, 2017. Venus retrograde cycles are capable of bringing up rumors that can affect name and fame for people especially in the media / movie industry. Venus retrograde cycle will give opportunity to correct the mistakes happened in the past.

Even though general people / audience listen to the rumors, they will watch only until Venus is in Retrograde. Venus is going direct station on April 15, 2017 3:37 PM IST. The time Venus goes direct that is between April 10, 2017 and April 15, 2017 will be more stressful since it will be a correction phase that act against #suchileaks. Once we cross April 15, 2017, then the intensity of #suchileaks rumors will start doing down very fast.

Movie stars got affected directly or indirectly due to #suchileaks will start getting excellent relief from April 15, 2017. They will regain their good name and fame back completely around May 19, 2017 once Venus reaches 19 degree 8 minutes on Meena Rashi. The time from April 15, 2017 will give good mental peace for the movie stars got affected in the last few weeks. This is the general predictions based on the triggered event dates and hence the speed of recovery may slightly vary depends on the natal chart and strength of current running maha dasa!

The effects of Venus retrograde cycle was severe this time due to exalted position. The effects of this Venus retrograde cycles had been noticed in other places / region and many countries. But the intensity was different and that depends on the people living in the region and country. Even people's personal life and sensitive feelings got affected, it was not noticed since the focus is given more to media industry.

Since the effects of #suchileaks will go down from April 15, 2017, it is not a long wait. So the current difficult time period for the people will be a passing cloud.

Written on March 29, 2017

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