When will I Meet my Lover or fall in love?

When will I Meet my Lover or fall in love?

When will I meet my lover or when will I fall in love ?

This is one of the most often asked questions by natives. There is no straight forward answer. However by looking at the natal chart and ruling planets, an astrologer can predict when can you meet your lover? or when you will fall in love with someone?
In vedic astrology, love represented through 5th house. The ruler of 5th house and its aspects, other planets placed in 5th house or aspecting 5th house need to be considered to analyze love and relationship on a birth chart. Besides venus needs to be considered on a boy's horoscope and Jupiter needs to be considered on a girl's horoscope.
Usually the ruler of 5th house, is given high importance. For example, rishaba lagna people, Kanni rasi is 5th house and its ruler is Budhan (Mercury). When a native goes through mercury dasa or bukthi period, he is most likely to come across love affairs. However does it mean that the native fall in love? There are two cases which I explained below:

1. If mercury (on this example) is well placed and aspected by benefic planets like Jupiter or Venus, then Yes. The native will meet someone and fall in love.
2. Otherwise the native will get proposals from the person he or she does not like. Or the native will fall in love with someone who is already engaged or not interested towards the native. It will become one side love.

Similarly for Mehsa Lagna, suriyan (Sun) is 5th lord. As long as the 5th lord is not afflicted and no malefic planets occupying the 5th house, the native will fall in love.
The timing can usually be when dasa or bukthi of the 5th lord is running. Otherwise when Jupiter is aspecting the native's moon sign, the native will fall in love.
What happens if there is a connection with Bhadhaka or Maraka with 5th lord or house?
If there is a connection between 5th lord and bhadhaka or maraka, then the native will stay away from love affairs. Or he / she will fall in love with someone who is not interested at all.

What happens if there is connection of both benefic and malefic planets with 5th lord or house?
The native will fall in love but he or she is most likely to experience too many problems in their relationship. Their relationship would not be smooth. Always discuss about whether they will end up in marriage or not.

I am in love but I will get married to the same person always?
It is very hard for me to answer. If you have good 5th house and benefic association, you will fall in love and relationship. But to materialize into marriage, you need to have connection with 7th house from 5th lord or 5th house. If you do not have a connection with 7th house, then it will not end up in marriage. Meaning you have to get married to someone else otherthan the person you love.

Excellent time when I am in love but will continue after marriage?
Today most people think that love marriage are most successful. But it is not true as per statistis and as per astrological point of view. Does it mean that arranged marriages are always successful? Again it is based on case to case. There is no guarantee on either statement for love and arranged marriage since both can succeed or fall.
If you had excellent time when you are in love with someone, you got married to the same person. Your happiness will continue? It is based on your chart. Because when your lover gets married to you, then she/he gets promoted to 7th house from 5th house. If there is a malefic affliction on your 7th house, then life after marriage would not be happy. If 7th house is clearly connected with bhadaka, then the love marriage can even end up in divorce.
In order to become successful in love and marriage, you need to have benefic relationship between 5th and 7th house and aspects from other planets. Only very few people (less than 1%) will have such a good connection without any affliction.
My conclusion is - the statements like "I am suffering only because of arranged marriage" is pathetic. Because the same person would have same suffering even though he or she had done love marriage. The problem is the person is having malefic association with 7th house. It does not count through the relationship is established through love or arranged marriage.

Problems after marriage?
It mainly comes up with bhadhaka or maraka connection or 12th / 8th house connection with 7th lord or 7th house. Because 12th and 8th house represents sayana sthanam and sexual relationship. Bhadaka and Maraka are capable of creating different problems between the couples.
In case of such problems, better to wait until bhadaka, maraka and 12th lord dasa or bukthi period is over. And the problem goes away automatically. The advantage of arranged marriage, supporters from boy / girl side, keep talking and buy more and more time, and in the meantime, the malefic bukthi period would be over. Since such option is not avaiable in love marriage, it can end up in divorce so fast, if the person is running maraka, bhadaka dasa or bukthi period.

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