Saturn Retrograde Effects For Pisces ( March to August 2015) by KT Astrologer

Saturn is getting into retrograde motion on March 14, 2015 at 8:32 PM IST. It goes direct on August 02, 2015 at 11:22 AM IST.


Jupiter will be in forward motion in Cancer Moon Sign from April 09, 2015.


Since Jupiter is becoming extra powerful during this time, you will see great happiness on your family environment. You will keep getting good news from your family members. Great time for conjugal bliss is also indicated. It is an excellent time to find a match and get married. Lovers will also enjoy excellent time on their romance. Married couples will get blessed with a baby. It is a good time to move onto your new home. Many subha karyas will happen during this time.


Long waited promotions will happen for sure. It is a great time for your finance. You will pay off your debts and start building your savings. Bank loans will approved without any delays. It is also an excellent time to refinance and lower your interest rate. Sudden windfall is likely for people with strong maha dasa. It is a good time to invest into real estate. Business people and traders will see their fortune coming back. Overall this time period indicates will bless you with great success and happiness.


You need to careful from July 13, 2015 onwards since Jupiter, Mars and Venus are going against you and you will be placed under severe testing period.


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