Progressed Moon Conjunct Natal Moon by KT Astrologer

You can find the planet analysis on Progressed Moon Conjunct Natal Moon written by KT Astrologer.

Moon represents mind, mother, memory, imagination, inner feelings, thinking power, intellectual, positive attitude, early life of a person, mother and maternal side relatives, etc. When Transit moon conjunct with Natal Moon, it is a good time to think and analyze on a problem to come up with a solution. Research Students and Technology people will have good time with this aspect. If you bad aspects from the major planets including Jupiter or Saturn, then it is going to be terrible time. So try not to go only by looking by this aspect.

Progressed Moon Opposite with Natal Moon happens when Progressed Moon is transiting into 7th house from Natal Moon. It happens after 15 years of Progressed Moon Conjunct Natal Moon. This aspect brings up more challenges in life and it is not considered good in general. When progressed moon conjunct with Natal Moon, you are likely to regain the strength when you have born. You need to look at your natal chart also. Since moon is becoming powerful with this aspect, your mind energy will go up. Besides it is a time for you sit back and think about the purpose of your life. What changes you can make it to do better.

Also note that progressed moon cycle of about 30 years exactly matches with Saturn cycle of 30 years and hence progressed moon has given paramount importance in western astrology.


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