Progressed Moon Conjunct Natal Mercury by KT Astrologer

You can find the planet analysis on Progressed Moon Conjunct Natal Mercury written by KT Astrologer.

Mercury represents communication, transportation, techonlogy, travel, brain, nervous system and physical co-ordination, etc. When transit moon makes conjunct natal Mercury, you will come up with innovative ideas and you will be very clever during this time. You will get Kudos at your workplace and you will be happy with your progress. Your communication skills will go with this aspect. At the same time, if you have a weak mercury placement on your chart, it will create more mental stress and depression and your energy will drain out very fast.

When progressed moon conjunct with Mercury, your thinking power will go up. It is an excellent time for doing research and further studies. Your intellectual skills will go with this aspect. Ph.D and other research students, doctors, scientist, IT people will shine very well during this aspect. However Mercury is badly placed on your chart, it may end up in creating mental depression and other mental disorder. Rather than looking at particular aspect, it is always to better to analyze the natal chart first before concluding any such aspects will yield favorable results or not.

Also note that progressed moon cycle of about 30 years exactly matches with Saturn cycle of 30 years and hence progressed moon has given paramount importance in western astrology.


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