Mercury Retrograde Effects - January 21, 2015



Mercury is getting retrograde between January 21, 2015 to Feb 11, 2015. Mercury will be in backward motion on Capricorn Moon Sign for entire duration. How does the effects of Mercury Retrograde will affect you based on your moon sign can be found on this page.


Note that this is based on vedic astrology and if you do not know your moon sign use our Moon Sign Calculator


Aries Moon Sign

You will have to face lot of problems at your workplace. You need to revisit the old projects for research. You would be able to move up on your career. You will get stuck completely during this mercury retrograde and hence handle with enough patience and care.


Taurus Moon Sign

This mercury retrograde is looking very good for you and it can bring some good news from your old friends or from a foriegn country. If you have any pending payments, it will get settled to you during this time.


Gemini Moon Sign

This period can bring you lot of enjoyment through your soulmate. It is a good time for conjugal bliss. You will be very happy during this time. Sudden windfall is also likely for some people.


Cancer Moon Sign

You need to be very careful on your relationship issues. You may expect to have problems with your spouse or mate. The intensity of the problems would be very severe and it may even capable of creating temporary separation. Be careful and avoid unncessary arguments with your spouse.


Leo Moon Sign

You will resolve the communication problems with your sibling, if any. Besides you will also make progress on your foreign travel and immigration prospects. But you will have to pay past bills which are overdue in this Mercury Retrograde.


Virgo Moon Sign

You will be very fortunate during this mercury retrograde period. You will find excellent time on your romance. It is an excellent time to go for a dream vacation spot. You will also gain money through speculation, lottery and gambling.


Libra Moon Sign

This is going to be a very bad period on your career. Work pressure and tension will be very high. If you are doing support word, you need to extra careful. Besides you may expect to have problems on your vechicle or home appliances. Maintence cost will go up and you will have to search for insurance and warranty documents.


Scorpio Moon Sign

This mercury retrograde will give you mixed results. If you have any pending benefits from immigration or goverment for a long time, it will get settled during this time. Your health might get affected with unwanted travel and tension. .


sagittarius Moon Sign

You will have to be careful on your investments and finance. Since you are likely to lose money on stock market trading and speculation. If you are doing any commission oriented business like insurance, mortgage, real estate broker, then you have to be extra careful in this time period.


Capricorn Moon Sign

This is going to be excellent time for you. You will be successfull on your Job and career. If you waiting for promotion for a long time, it will happen during this time. Besides you will get huge luck on stock market trading also.


Aquarius Moon Sign

You will get mentally disturbed a lot with this Mercury retrogarde. You will have communication problems with your spouse. Besides your health will get affected and you will develop ill health during this time.


Pisces Moon Sign

Things are not looking great for you in this mercury retrograde. You may expect to have more family problems and bad luck on anything you do. Avoid signing on any important documents, since it can wait for 3 more weeks.