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Volume 2 - Issue 1

Jan 2012

Mesha Rasi (Aries) - 2012 New Year Horoscope (Puthandu Palangal)

This year begins for you with Janma Guru and Kanadaga Sani along with Mars in 5th house. You might be having problems related to finance, career, health and problems with in the family for a period over 6 months. The problems would continue until Apr 2012. As a magic all problems will vanish during the middle of the year, that is from May for 3 months and then you will have reasonable growth in finance and career for the rest of the year.


Important transit timing for you:

Guru Peyarchi into Rishabham on May 17, 2012

Saturn Rx reenters Kanni Rasi on May 18, 2012 - Aug 03, 2012

Mars Enters Kanni Rasi on Jun 21, 2012 - Aug 13, 2012


Here is the forecast for this year:



From Jan 1, 2012 To May 17, 2012 - Begins with hard time


This part is going to be difficult for you compared to the rest of the year. Saturn in 7th house aspecting your rasi might create health problems for some people. Arguments with your spouse are most likely. In some cases, if you are eligible single, you are likely to fall in love with wrong choice, so be careful. Problems related to foreign trip, visa might occur. You may have to spend money on your home or vehicle repair as saturn is aspecting your 4th house also. Saturn in 7th house will not trouble you with your job, but Janma Guru might increase work pressure. You may not be able to pay your debt because of Janma Guru. You may have to borrow again to manager your expenses. If you are looking for a job and changing your job, wait until May this year. You will get an excellent opportunity.


May 17, 2012 - Aug 03, 2012 - Happiness and enjoyment


This period would be a magic. Suddenly all problems will disappear during this period. Because Saturn Rx (retrograde) reenters into Kanni Rasi, that's is going to be the 6th house for you. On the same day, Guru is transiting into Rishaba Rasi which is 2nd house of finance. If you looking for a job, you will get it with very good salary during this time. This is going to be much profitable period for business people and traders. You will get success in everything you do in this short period. It is not a good idea to start a long term project. Even though it may succeed, you have to face Kandaga Sani that might make you to put lots of efforts by managing the stress. If you are looking to sell your property or change your vehicle, then July is the perfect time. In July Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are favorable to you, which would be amazing and you might be very happy with your progress.


Aug 03, 2012 - Dec 31, 2012 - Career and Finance Growth


In this period, you will have excellent finance and career growth with 2nd house Jupiter. Work environments would be very pleasant. Again you have to spend money on re-constructing or re-modeling your home during time. Health and problems with spouse are likely because of Kanadaga Sani, however Jupiter is with you this year to take care of these problems. So no major problems would occur.


As a summary, even though the year starts with the problem, it will be very smooth going forward towards the end of year. The middle part of year looks excellent.


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