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Volume 2 - Issue 1

Jan 2012

Vrichiga Rasi (Scorpio) - 2012 New Year Horoscope (Puthandu Palangal)


This year starts for you with Sade Sani along with Jupiter in 6th house of runa roga sathru sthanam and Mars 10th house. You will have problems in work environment and health conditions would suffer. You need to handle your finance very carefully until May 2012 and stay away from any new investments and stock market as losing money is very much indicated on the cards. Your health condition needs your attention. You will have hidden enemies in your work and social environment. Problems related to immigration are also most likely. You will get over them after May 2012, until then play safe. From May 2012, Guru Moving into Rishabam would give you lot of relief and your time will gain momentum after that. Saturn Rx renters into Kanni Rasi for months from May, is an ideal time to buy a new home or land.


Important transit timing for you:

Guru Peyarchi into Rishabham on May 17, 2012

Saturn Rx reenters Kanni Rasi on May 18, 2012 - Aug 03, 2012

Mars Enters Kanni Rasi on Jun 21, 2012 - Aug 13, 2012


Here is the forecast for this year:



From Jan 1, 2012 To May 17, 2012 - Play Safe and handle your finance carefully




You have just started Sade Sani. But Jupiter in the 6th house might make made you tired in your work environment with hidden enemies. Health will not co-operate during this time. It is the time you lose your money with your hasty decision in finance. Because Saturn in the 11th house for the last 3 years and Jupiter in the 5th house in the recent past, would have given you surplus amount of money and you would be very rich and well settled in your job by this time. You will have unnecessary arguments with your spouse and friends. It is the time for you to slow down and rethink. People with weak dasha and bukthi will have severe health problems. Student may not be able to concentrate on their studies. If you are single, wait until May 2012 to get married.



May 17, 2012 - Aug 03, 2012 - Excellent time, Happiness and Success


When Jupiter enters into your 7th house would bring you back from the obstacles you have been facing so far. Your hidden enemies would disappear and lose their strength. You would regain your name and fame in your work environment. You will have promotion and bonus in your work environment. If you want, you can change your job during this time. You will get a better position and salary. It is a ideal time for you to buy a new home or land. As both Saturn Rx and Jupiter are very much supportive in this time, your stock market investments start yielding significant profits. You will get a loan from Banks very easily as banking sector is very much favorable. If you want to invest money in stock market, consider putting money into Bank Stocks. Your dreams would come true during this time. If you are eligible single, you get married this time. You may also get blessed with a child for young couples. You may go for tour with your family this time. Happiness and enjoyment are on the cards very much this time.



Aug 03, 2012 - Dec 31, 2012 - Happiness to continue when Sade Sani starts function slowly


Jupiter would be in your 7th house with start making you rich and give you popularity. You would be very happy about your progress. Even Saturn is in your 12th house, Jupiter would save you completely until the end of this year and to next year until May 2013. Family environment would be very much supportive. Students can perform well in their studies. You will get close to upper management in your work environment. You may invest money into stock market but know your limits and do not be aggressive.



First 4½ months of this year would be difficult, then you will have excellent time for 3 months and the rest of the year looks siginificant growth and happiness.


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