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Volume 2 - Issue 7

July 2012

Astrology - July 2012 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan) for Midhuna Rasi (Gemini)

Sun will be transiting into your 1st house and 2nd house indicating unfavorable position for entire this month. Jupiter and Saturn are already in an unfavorable position. Mercury is in a good position for you, but not venus! Mars in Kanni Rasi will aggravate your problems more during this month. Rahu in the 6th house will continue to do good things, but not ketu.


Your health would be suffering during this month. You have to keep your mind stable as much as possible to keep your good health during this month. Mars joining with Saturn will make life miserable during this month. However the good news is it will be only for very short time. By end of this month, You will be alright. If you have a good natal chart, you will not see any malefic effects at all..!


Rahu can help you somewhat, but pyschologically you will feel disappointed and stressed out with the negative results during this month. Do not leave any health warning signs as unattended and take medical help if necessary.


Since there is no support from Jupiter, Saturn and Mars, you need to have enough patience to maintain a good relationship during this month. Also avoid unnecessary arguments with your spouse. The marriage proposal will get delayed for no reasons and subha karyas will need to be postponed to later date beyond your control. You can expect to have problems with in your family including spouse and children.


You will face major setback in your career during this month. You need to adjust yourself in your work environment. Co-workers will point you for no reasons. Your managers will start doing micro management towards you! If you are running weak maha dasa, chances are there you may even loose your Job. This can happen only on the extreme cases. Your visa and immigration benefits will get delayed during this month.


It is going to be a very much challenging period on your finance. Expenses will be sky-rocketing and salary cuts, demotions are most likely during this month. Stay away from trading, since it can yield only losses.


A severe testing period is indicated during this month. You will feel little relief from by end of this month onwards, until then prayers and meditation can help you to keep your mind stable.Saturn moving onto 5th house will reduce the intensity of the problems you are facing now.

July 2012 Monthly Rasi Palan (Horoscope) for each moon sign

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