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Volume 2 - Issue 7

July 2012

Astrology - July 2012 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan) for Kanni Rasi (Virgo)

Sun will be transiting into your 10th house and 11th house indicating good position for entire this month. Jupiter is in wonderful position for you already, but not saturn. Rahu and Venus, Mercury are good position. Mars joined with Janma Sthanam will give you major setback, especially on your health. However you will see your growth since Saturn are aspected by Jupiter and so nothing to be feared. The end result would be positive only.


You will start coming out of your mental stress you have experienced in the past. But the problems would still be there! You have to live with problems for this month also, especially on your healthwise. You will have excellent and the green days on everything from next month onwards.


Mars is on your own house with Saturn. The conflicts between your spouse will oscillate and come to neutral since you have reached bottom already. You will start fixing the relationship issues during this month. Still it is better to stay calm since Saturn is not favorable. But definitely, the intensity will get reduced during this month. You will not have problems with your spouse from next month onwards.


Are you single? It is a good time to start looking. It is a time to relax and digest the past since your spring is very close now. You will find your suitable match in the coming months. Do not take any decisions on marriage until Saturn moves onto Thula Rasi by Aug 03, 2012. But you can keep looking for your lifemate.


Are you unemployed or looking for a change? You will get a nice Job during this month. Start preparing your resume now. You will get a very good offer with excellent salary package and position. Even though Saturn in Janma Sthanam, it would not stop in getting the Job offer from big companies because of Jupiter in the 9th aspecting Saturn also.


You will make good progress financially on this month. But expenses will also be there! You will start saving huge money only from next month!


Stay away from trading, since your time is still not favorable for speculation. Overall Your intensity of the problems would get reduced day by day during this month. It is going to another progressive month, especially on the career side.

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