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Volume 2 - Issue 3

March 2012

Guru Peyarchi Palangal For Kumbha Rashi (Aquarius) - (May 17, 2012 to May 31, 2013) - Jupiter Transit Horoscope

For your rasi, Guru was in 3rd house so far. Your finance would have been very bad in the last couple of years due to Asthama Sani and 3rd house Jupiter. Even you are out of asthama sani by Nov 2011, Jupiter in the 3rd house is good enough to keep staying down in your life. Your health might have suffered a lot and mental stress might have been more. In recent past years, planets made your life miserable. Now things are changing..!

Jupiter in the 4th house is much better than 3rd house. You will see mixed results during this transit. You will start recovering your health. Subha Karyas like marriages need to wait for some more time. If you are looking for a job, you may get it. But you may not satisfied with your Job. Students still need to put more efforts on their studies and they will score good marks compared prior years.

If you are waiting for your promotion, it will also get delayed. Still it is not a good year for traders. But business people can make little progress. You will start paying back your debt but still your debt will be there. Overall this year will give you a marginal relief. But to get the marginal relief also, you need to wait atleast until August 03, 2012. Because Saturn is re-entering into kanni rashi to give his last bitter pill to you.

From May 17, 2012 to Aug 03, 2012 - No progress and stressfull time (25 / 100)

This is the time where Sani Bhagavan is in Kanni Rashi and this becomes asthama sani for you again. Saturn in the 8th house along with Jupiter in the 4th house, can make your life miserable. Traders will get wiped out during this period with 95% loss at least. Options and futures will expire by losing all premiums. Your health also needs serious condition during this time. Business people can easily go down against their competitors and keep losing their valuable customers. If you are looking for Job, you will not get it! It is going to be a servere testing period.


From Aug 03, 2012 to May 31, 2013 - Significant Relief from recent years damages (55 / 100)

This is the time where Sani Bhagavan is in Thula Rashi that so you are completely out of Asthama Sani. Congrats! Jupiter is also reasonably placed well. You will see small amount of your growth this year and great relief from your mental stress. You will get a Job with a decent salary during this time. Most of your energies will be spent on fixing the recent year damages. You will keep gaining good amount of positive energy mentally during this period. Problems with your spouse will come to a complete stop. However that past hard moments will keep playing in your mind for some more time. A very good thing during this time is you have crossed the worst part. Everyday your life will get better.


Traders are still advised to stay away from their investments. Jupiter is reasonably placed well but yet he is not in a good position. No question for buying a home now, Saturn and Jupiter might have drained out all your saving in the last couple of years. You will see a wonderful time and all around happiness from Jun 2013. This is going to be a relaxing time for you from your problems.

Overall this Guru Peyrachi is going to be offer mixed results for you. But 4 months from May to July 2012, is not good. You will make little amount of progress in the remaining period. Nothing to be worried from August 2012!

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