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Volume 2 - Issue 3

March 2012

Guru Peyarchi Palangal For Midhuna Rashi (Gemini) - (May 17, 2012 to May 31, 2013) - Jupiter Transit Horoscope

For your rasi, Guru was in Labha Sthanam so far. It might have made your life enjoyable by increasing your earning along with promotion in your career. You might have crossed some hard time because of Ardhathama Sani until Last Nov 2011. From Nov 2011, your growth might have picked up especially you would have earned surplus money from your business and investments. Now Guru is moving onto your 12th house of viraya sthanam is not a happy news for you.

Guru in 12th house is aspecting your 4th, 6th and 8th. Your health would be fine as Jupiter is not much harmful currently. You might notice your expenses would be sky rocketting in the next one year. Students need to concentrate more by stop going out with friends. Problems in love affairs are most likely for single. If married, arguments with spouse are likely. This is mainly due to saturn placement and Jupiter would not be helping you in this regard.

If you are looking for a job, you will get it but may not be upto your satisfaction. If you are waiting for your promotion, it will get delayed for no reason. Your surplus money will start draining out as time progress in this guru peyarchi. Business people need to control their luxary and travel expenses and need to come up with tight budget this year. Real estate will not yield any profits. Traders need to stay away from stock market as the whole year is not going to be good for you.

From May 17, 2012 to Aug 03, 2012 - Most Difficult Time (30 / 100)

This is the time where Sani Bhagavan is in Kanni Rashi as Ardhasthama Sani is back on track for you. Saturn in the 4th house along with Jupiter in the 12th house, will give you bitter pills during this time. Traders will have book a huge loss in this short time. This is the time you need to be very careful as psychologically you will be reluctant to accept this negative change. Because suddenly you will notice that you are surrounded completely with many problems. Health will also have a major set back in this short time. Problems in work environment and work pressure is most likely.

From Aug 03, 2012 to May 31, 2013 - No progress but problems (50 / 100)

This is the where Sani Bhagavan is in Thula Rashi which is going to be 5th house for you. You will have significant relief during this time. But still both Jupiter and Saturn is not in a good position for you. Your health will improve during this time. Your expenses will be keep going up every month with less income. There is no suprise if you need to borrow money to manage your expenses.

If you are investing into stock market, you will see no profits and only losses. Saturn in the 5th house will give more problems with in your immediate family - parents, spouse and children. Even the next guru peyarchi is also not good for you, you need to handle your finance carefully and make sure you have enough cash to meet the upcoming expenses. It would be nice if you take a medical insurance before starting of this guru peyarchi for at least two years.

Overall this Guru Peyrachi is going to be a testing period for you. Especially 4 months from May to July 2012, is extremely bad. You will get some confidence in managing the problems in the remaining period.

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