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Volume 2 - Issue 5

May 2012

Astrology - May 2012 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan) for Kataga Rasi (Cancer)

Sun will be transiting into your 10th house and 11th house indicating excellent position for this month. Both major planets Jupiter, Saturn will become very much favorable for you from May 17, 2012. Ketu is already in a favorable position for you. Mercury and Venus are in a favorable position for the entire month. Except Mars and Rahu, you will have great support from all planets.


Your health and mind would have suffered a lot in the last over one year. Now it will come to an end, your ailing health will recover and mind will get recharged completely with lots of positive energy supplied by both Saturn and Jupiter. To amplify this, Sun, Venus, Ketu, Mercury will join together with Jupiter to give excellent results. With this combination, any crtical problems also get solved with simple medication.


Mars has started moving away slowly from in your 2nd house. Any conflict between your spouse will get resolved with the support of Jupiter and Saturn. Even if there is a temporary separation due to education, job or any other relocation, it will get fixed easily and your family will join together by end of this month onwards.


Tired of searching for matrimony alliance ? Jupiter in 10th house is not favorable for marriage. You will find a suitable match in the coming weeks since Saturn is also supporting your growth. If eligible, you may also get blessed with a baby during this time. Your children will do excellent on their studies and you would be very happy about them.


Are you unemployed or looking for a change? You will get a nice Job definitely in the coming weeks. Start preparing your resume now. You will get a very good offer with excellent salary package and position. You may get a visa to travel abroad or your existing immigration problems will get resolved during this month.


Because of Jupiter aspect in the past couple of years, your finance situation would not be too bad. But still it is bad in the last one year. Now your expenses will get complete control and you will start saving in the coming weeks.


Get ready to start trading, you can invest money into stock from middle of this month. Stock market will yield great profits for you for next 3 months. You may get sudden windfall during this period. However check your natal chart whether it supports favorable for trading.


You will be very happy for entire this month. Enjoy the cool breeze and have fun!

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