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Volume 2 - Issue 10

October 2012

Astrology - October 2012 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan) for Mesha Rasi (Aries)

Sun will be transiting into your 6th house and 7th house indicating favorable position in the first half of this month. Jupiter, Venus, Mercury are in very much favorable for you on this month also. But Saturn on 7th house of Thula Rasi is not good for you! Besides Mars moved on to your 8th house confirms that you have to go through mental stress a lot. Saturn and Mars combination will create obstacles during this month. Jupiter is the only planet that can support you! Jupiter going retrograde also may create some problems but depends on your natal chart.


Your health will get affected with more work and family pressure. Financially it would be reasonbly ok but not excellent during this time. You have drive carefully since minor accidents are indicated on the cards. Expenses towards your home or car maintenance are also likely. You have to get the medical help and correct treatment when it is required.


The good relationship you had with your spouse will have severe setback due to Saturn and Mars Combination in 7th house. Stay away from any kind of love affairs if you are single. Since most likely you will select a wrong partner. But arranged marriage is looking very good with strong Jupiter aspect. The couples will have a very strong arguments between them.


Your work pressure and career would not be good during this month. But Jupiter will protect you and so nothing to be be feared in Job front. There might be a delay in traveling abroad or you may get into immigration problems again during this month.


The debt problems might have come a lot since May 2012. Still Financially it is going to be turn around time! But medical and home appliances expenses would be more with Saturn aspect. You will get enough money that can be used to spend the expenses instead of getting into savings and investments.


Are you trading so far? Now it is a time to take a break and hedge all your positions. You will make money only based on your natal chart since Jupiter is supporting your growth and Saturn and Mars will limit your growth going forward.


Your finanace and career would not be good. Your health condition, expenses and family problems will also be there! Jupiter will protect you only when things are going beyond out of control. This month is a warning signal but nothing to be worried.


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