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Volume 2 - Issue 9

September 2012

Astrology - September 2012 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan) for Makara Rasi (Capricorn)

Sun will be transiting into your 8th house and 9th house indicating unfavorable position for entire this month. While Jupiter is in its extreme good position, Saturn is in full force to limit your growth. Rahu, Mercury will tend to do good things for you! Mars moving onto your 10th house is another bitter pill for you on your career! Saturn on 10th house is not good but its malefic effects will be postponed to next Guru Peyarchi by Jun 2013.


Your physical health would start recovering a lot during this month. You will keep getting positive energy during this month and that can strengthen your physical body. Jupiter has started moving slowing down during this month and Jupiter will make sure you get enough energy in your mind and body by end of this month.


You will develop strong and very good relationship with your spouse and children as the month progress. You keep gaining energy every day during this month. Sun in the 8th house would limit your growth in the begining of the month and will get ease going forward.


Are you single? Now the waiting time is over. Jupiter aspecting your rasi, will help you to find the right match for you. If eligible, you may also get blessed with a baby during this time.


You should have alreday got a job offer by now. If you are looking for a change in your work now and if you do not have any offers / interviews scheduled, then it is better to stick with your current job for the next over 20 months. Going beyond this limit is not advisible and Saturn will make your life miserable at your career front in the coming days. Its malefic effects can not be seen until May 2013.


Your visa and immigration benefits will get approved by end of this month. It is better to avoid this month to apply for new benefits and visa until Sep 15, 2012.


With the absense of Jupiter aspect in the past couple of years, your finance situation would have been terribe so far. Now you are going to feel the money breeze during this month. Sudden windfalls including lottery, bonus are most likely during this month. But Saturn will always try to limit your growth. So overdoing can yield to losses and it is warning signal.


Stop trading during this month. Eventhough Jupiter is supportive, you may not make money from stock market. Saturn, Mars and Sun are not in good position. You have to depend on your natal chart to decide whether to get into trading or not.


Overall this month would be very happy period for you. Many good events will occur during this month. Now is the time to enjoy the cool breeze. Have fun!


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