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Volume 3 - Issue 4

April 2013

Astrology - April 2013 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan) for Simha Rasi (Leo)

Sun will be transiting into your 8th house and 9th house indicating favorable position by middle of month. Saturn Rx is not good for you! Mars and Sun conjunction on your 8th house in the start of this month would give you a very hectic time. But these two planets are advancing to next sign by April 15. By that time you are short of 6 weeks for favorable Jupiter transit. Eventhough this month begins will lots of problems, you will see significant relief by end of this month.


By this time, your health would have got affected adversely. From April 15 onwards, you will start recovering your health. You will see big changes for sure by end of this month. Your mental stress would also come down drastically.


The relationship with your spouse and children would be hectic during this month. But it would be very temporary. The worst part is over however you have to go through some more testing since Jupiter needs advance further into next sign. The effect can be seen by most simha rasi people by May 2013. If your natal chart favors, then you will see the effect anytime from now.


Your work pressure will be much more and very hectic. You may have to put extra hours to complete your assigned duties. Your work pressure will ease and environment will get much better by middle of this month.


Eventhough your time is very good in the long run, stay away from trading since Stock market and speculative investments. If you have a very good natal chart supports trading, you may do that since Saturn can bring huge luck but only for very few people. You must avoid getting into real estate during this month since it can lead to great loss for you!


You have come out of your long waited testing period completely. But there will be some minor effects because of Jupiter and Mars.


Note: Stay caution until April 15 and then your good time will start! You will start growing slowly in each and every aspect for the next over 13 months.


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