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Volume 3 - Issue 2

February 2013

Astrology - February 2013 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan) for Rishabha Rasi (Taurus)

Sun will be transiting into your 9th house and 10th house indicating favorable position in second half of this month. Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are placed very well for you from this month. Mars in the 10th house might create problems at your work environment. Jupiter is going against you extremely duriing this month and the problems will be more for you. You will get little relief ony from next month onwards.


Your health would start suffering this month unexpected. This is mainly due to high amount of travel and stress at your work environment. You need to take care of your health very well during this month. Your relationship with your spouse would also cause major problems! But the worst has been passed already, if you can manage this month very well carefully, then your time will gain momentum from next month onwards.


If you are single and looking for a match, you may have to wait for couple of months. If you can wait until April or May 2013, it would be great. You will develop arguments with your family including spouse and children.


Career would be very problematic during this month. You will develop strong arguments with your co-workers and managers. If you are planning to make a job change, you have to wait for couple of months. Some people might be forced to look for another job, meaning, they may even get laid off for no reasons.


Your finance situation would be better but expenses on your health, vechile or home related expenses or travel would be more. Still Jupiter is in full force to bring you lots of unwanted expenses. Stay away from trading, since it can yield losses if your natal chart does not support.


The intensity of the problems you have faced in the recent past would come down and the worst part is already over. The suffering you face during this month for temporary only.


The problems will be severe only this month and the next over 13 months looks very good.


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