Software & Finance - Monthly Magazine Online

Volume 3 - Issue 2

February 2013

Samar - Movie Review

Starring: Vishal, Trisha, Sunaina
T. Ramesh
Yuvan Shankar Raja
Release Date:
Jan 13, 2013


The story begins with Sakthi (Vishal) and his girl friend Rupa (Sunaina) in Ooty. Because of incompatibility with them, Rupa decided to break the relationship and leaves to Bangkok. Sakthi passes his time by keeping Rupa in his mind.

Since the time passes for a couple of months, Sakthi gets a letter from Rupa asking him to meet him in Bangkok. Sakthi decided to go Bangkok to meet Rupa.


From this point, whatever happening around Sakthi is a drama made by two psychotic businessmen. Except Sakthi everyone else is acting around him. When Sakthi travels to Bangkok, he meets beautiful co-passenger Maya (Trisha). They became friends during the travel. Sakthi could not get a chance to meet Rupa and still he wants to spend more time in searching for her. In meantime, people around him are behaving as if Sakthi is a successfull businessman in Bangkok.



Sakthi is getting stressed out about whats happening around him. He discusses his problem with Maya. Both try to identify what's going on around them. In mean time, Sakthi meets Rupa and Rupa confirms that she did not write any letter inviting him to Bangkok and she also advises him to forget her. When Sakthi is getting depressed out with the situation, Maya proposes him with her love. Sakthi is also falling for her.


The two psychotic businessmen watches everything in the hidden camera. Whether Maya really proposed to Sakthi or it is also as a part of their drama? What are the two businessmen going to achieve from this drama? Whether Sakthi and Maya joining together or not? You can watch this interesting climax on your favorita movie theatre.



Vishal and Trisha played their role very well. Since we have not seen movie with betting with reaction of the people on certain situations for couple of years, it is a very good attempt. It is a fun, thriller and entertainment. Music and songs might have been made better. It is still worth watching in Theatre. Good Luck and our wishes to the "Samar" team.