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Volume 3 - Issue 6

June 2013

Astrology - June 2013 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan) for Makara Rasi (Capricorn)

Sun will be transiting into your 5th house and 6th house indicating favorable position from June 15th, 2013. Mars on 5th house is not good for you. Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are already in bad position. Jupiter on your 6th house is indicating strongly that your severe testing period has just started.


Your health condition would keep getting worse during this month and need severe attention towards the end of this month. Since Mercury going retrograde would affect your health a lot. You will develop more physical and mental stress during this month. Keep good diet, prayers and meditation to keep your mind stable.


Your good relationship with your spouse and children will have severe set back during this month. If you are eligible single, you have to wait for one more year to find the right match for you! The suba karya you are planning will not be expected to go as per the schedule.


Your work pressure will shoot up during this month and it is better to stick with your current job for the next one year at least. The malefic effect of 10th house saturn can be seen by end of this month onwards. Your visa and immigration benefits need to wait for couple of months and you will start developing hidden enemies at your work and social environment.


Your finance situation would start moving south from this month onwards. The expenses will skyrocket but the inflow of money would be very less. Stock market would not be good for you! You need to take complete medical insurance and coverage for entire family. Expenses related to medical, car and home are most likely.


Now you are completely under severe testing period and do prayers and meditation to keep your mind stable.



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