Software & Finance - Monthly Magazine Online

Volume 3 - Issue 6

June 2013

Soodhu Kavvum - Movie Review

Starring: Vijay Sethupathi, Sanchitha Shetty
Naveen Kumarasamy
C.V. Kumar
Santhosh Narayan
Release Date:
May 01, 2013


Vijay Sethupathi plays the role of Kidnapper Das. He has a set of 5 rules to be followed while kidnapping so that he can always be a smalltime kidnapper. Pagalavan living in Trichy is being chased because of building a temple for Actress Nayanthara and he moves to chennai to meet his friend Kesevan. Another room mate is Sekar.



Das and his imaginary lover Shallu (Sanchitha Shetty) often does small kidnapping for ransom. In the mean time, Kesevan loses his job and all 3 room mates do not have any job to do. They accidently meet Kidnapper Das and like to join with him.


Minister Gnanodayam is a very disciplined and respected minister. Arumai Prakasam is the son of minister, who expects help from his father to settle but he never gets it. Nambikkai Kannan wants to take revenge against minister Gnanodayam since his brother got arrested because of him. Nambikkai Kannan seeks help from Kidnapper Das to kidnap ministor's son and offering him upto 2 crores. Das did not want to break rule of touching people on power however he gets convinced by Kesavan, Sekar and Pagalavan. Das and his team is getting ready to kidnap Arumai Prakasam.



After kidnapping Arumai, Das demands for 2 crores to the minister. Minister get the money from chief minister to settle them but he also appoints encounter specialist Bramma to catch the kidnappers. With a sudden twist, Arumai escapes with 2 crores of money and the Das and his teams ends up in getting nothing. Das, with angry, plans to kidnap Arumai again and is successful on that.

Whether Das and team got caught by encounter specialist Bramma? or Das got his share of money from Arumai? Whether Arumai is successful in settling down in his life? You will get the answer for all these questions in the climax.

This is a comedy thriller movie! You can laugh enough and enjoy the movie. The credit goes to Nalan Kumarasamy, the director of this movie. Vijay Sethupathi played his role well.