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Volume 3 - Issue 5

May 2013

Chennaiyil Oru Naal - Movie Review

Starring: Sarthkumar, Raadhika, Cheran, Prasanna, Prakash Raj, Iniya, Parvathi Menon
Shaheed Kumar
Mejo Joseph
Release Date:
Mar 29, 2013


This film is a remake of a 2011 Malayalam Film called "Traffic". The story involves multiple stories conneccted around one single accident in Chennai City.


Prakash Raj plays the role of a famous movie star Gautham Krishna and Raadhika as Gauthem's wife. Prasanna plays the role of Doctor Robin and Iniya is his wife.



Karthik is an jornalist, son of Jayaprakash and Lakshmi Ramakrishnan and he is very happy on the day since he is going to do a live interview with super star Gautham Krishna, waiting on a traffic signal. Dr. Robin celebrates his wedding anniversary on the same day. Sathyamoorthy (Charan), a suspended traffic constable joins back his duty on the day.


Due to an accident, the journalish was brain dead and admitted in a hospital in Vellore. On the same day, the daughter of Gautham Krishna became very sick and she is in need of heart transplantation, in a hospital in Chennai. After couple of talks, the team decided to do a heart transplantation from journalist to the little girl.


The problem now is carrying the heart after surgery from Vellore to Chennai. It has to be done with in 90 minutes crossing 170 KMs. Helicopter is not option because of adverse weather condition.


Now Sundarapandian (R Sarathkumar), Traffic Police Commisioner of chennai city creating a mission to travel 170 Kms (Vellore to Chennai) in 90 minutes. Sathyamoorthy is ready to drive and Doctor Robin, Friend of the Journalist to accompany him.


They see the list of challenges on the road and also an surprise from Dr. Robin. Whether they could accomplish the mission by travelling 170 Kms in 90 minutes by blocking all traffic? Whether they could save the little girl or not? can be seen on the movie theatre.


It is a thriller film and this story can happen in any city. It is good to watch in theatres since the screenplay is very good. This movie is filled with lots of known characters. Actor Suriya plays a comeo appearance on this film.