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Volume 3 - Issue 11

November 2013

Astrology - November 2013 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan) for Thula Rasi (Libra)


Sun will be transiting into your 1st house and 2nd house indicating unfavorable position for entire this month. Mars in 11th house can do wonderful things for you! However there are enough malefic energies for you during this month with Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Mercury. This month is going to be problematic for you compared to last month. End of this month looks worst.




Your health would be doing excellent, but you will start losing your energy as the month progress. Your mental stress would start moving up every day during this month. Some disappointments occuring towards end of this month will keep you very unhappy and mentally unrest. Keep a good diet and exercise to maintain good your health. Also consider doing yoga and meditataion.


Family, Love and relationship


You will start having very good relationship with your spouse in the beginning of this month. But as the month progress, there will be an unidentified gap with your spouse. Misunderstanding and disappointments are most likely towards end of this month.


If you marriage has been fixed to later date already or before Nov 23, 2013, then there will not be any issues. But if you are fixing marriage after Nove 23, 2013, then you have to be careful.


If you are in love affairs, you will enjoy the most with your mate. But it will be short lived for this month. Expect to have unexpected problems with your mate towards end of this month.



Work / Career and Business


Work environment is looking very good during this month. You may even a get a new Job in the beginning of this month. As the month progress, your work pressure will shoot up. You may expect to have a couple of long days and working on week-ends at your work place. You need to understand that it is not a time to grow and it is a time to stay on the same level.


Business people would have mixed results during this month. Any new ventures and business expansion during this month is not advised. Otherwise Saturn will make you cry with your new ventures. Any hasty decision must be avoided. Slow growth is indicated in the beginning of this month for business people.



Immigration / Foreign Travel


Your immigration benefits would get approved by first 2 weeks of this month. Otherwise you may have to wait for couple of months! Foreign travel is highly indicated on the cards. Many people will get opportunity to travel abroad as a first time in their life during this month.



Finance and Investments


If you are already in the process of buying a new home or land, then it is fine. There will not be any issues. But new initiatives towards long term investments must be avoided.


Stock market would be favorable only for few people running with strong maha dasa and bukthi period. Mostly it denotes a severe setback on your speculative investments. You need to close all your speculative stock positions on the stock market. Remember the thumb rule on astrology - When your time is not good, if you close down any position, the stock value will go up. If keep any positions, it will go down on its value. In either case, you are likely to suffer.


Social Life


This is going to be a testing period for Politicians, Movie artist and people in media sector. You may expect a very slow growth based on the strength of your natal chart. It is a time to stay on the same level.


Warnings / Pariharam


This month is going to be problematic for you compared to last month.


1. Avoid taking Non-Veg food on Tuedays and Saturdays.

2. Visit temple on every Tuedays and Saturday during this month.




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