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Volume 3 - Issue 10

October 2013

Varuthupadha Valibar Sangam - Movie Review

Starring: Siva Karthikeyan, Sathyaraj, Soori, Sri Divya
P Madhan
D. Imman
Release Date:
Sep 6, 2013


It is a tamil comedy film and this movie is a great hit with box office collection of over 37 crores. Bosepandi (Siva Karthikeyan) and Kodi (Parota Soori) are the careless youth in the village. They do always have fight with the senior citizens in the village.



Sivanandi (Sathyaraj) is leader for the seniors in the village where Bosepandi is the leader for youth. Where the clash between Sivanandi and Bosepandi continues, Bosepandi falls in love with Lathapandi (Sri Divya). Lathapandi is the daughter of Sivanandi.



The performance of Sivakarthikeyan is really good with Sri Divya. Even though romance is in the movie, comedy gets the first precedence.




Parota Soori and Sathyaraj acted very well on their part by strengthening the comedy track. It is a great movie to watch and you can laugh more than enough! The song "Oodha Coloru Rippan" is good and again one this also reflects comedy.