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Volume 3 - Issue 9

September 2013

Astrology - September 2013 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan) for Midhuna Rasi (Gemini)



Sun will be transiting into your 3rd house and 4th house indicating favorable position in the first half of this month. Saturn and Rahu are in an unfavorable position. Mars on your 2nd house is much better than the previous house. Jupiter would continue to make your life miserable in this month also. Since Venus and Mercury are in good position, you will get some support and relaxation. Compared to last month, the intensity of the problems will come down but problems will be there!





Your health condition would recover during this month because of Sun and Mars transit. But Jupiter will contine to drain out your energy. Now you need more energy on mind compared to physical body. You need to add more nutrition to youd food and do physical exercise. Health condiction would be much better than last month. 


Family, Love and relationship


You will have happy time on family because of Venus in the beginning of the month. However the problems and conflicts with spouse will be more towards the end of the month. Take advantage of the first two weeks of this month to strengthen the relationship.


If you are looking for a match, then it is the perfect worst time since nothing will materialize. Be careful on your existing love and relationship since it can easily create temporary or permanent separation especially after Sep 15. Saturn and Jupiter will supply enough malefic energy to break their relationship.



Work / Career and Business


Work environment would get worse from Sep 15 onwards and you will start seeing more pressure towards end of the month. There is a minor risk on losing your Job also. If so, it will happen towards end of the month. However you will get another Job shortly. You need to adjust yourself for your work environment. Business would not be great however you will have receive pending payments. But new orders are unlikely to show up.


Immigration / Foreign Travel


If you are expecting any immigration benefits, then things will become favorable for the first two weeks of this month. But nothing major you can expect like benefits getting approved during this month. Foreign travel may get postponed to a later date.


Finance and Investments


It is going to a terrible time on your finance. Let it be anything you play in the stock market would go exactly opposite direction until you realize your loss by closing the position. Expenses will sky rocket by draining out your money. Note that wealth destruction is cleared indicated on the cards. Do not co-sign for anyone during this month since it would become your responsibily in the near future.


The only thing you can expect with respect to your finance situation is you will get inflow of money through speculation. Or you will find someone to borrow moeny at lower interest rate.


Social Life


The public image of movie artists, politicians or VIPs will get affected adversely during this month. But still you will get opportunity to meet with family, friends and other people in the society.


Warnings / Pariharam


Since major planets are against you, you have to be careful on anything you do!


1. Avoid taking non-veg food on Thursdays and Saturdays.

2. Visit temple on Thursdays and Saturdays.

3. Help people who are in the need, may not be in the form of money.



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