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Volume 3 - Issue 9

September 2013

Astrology - September 2013 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan) for Simha Rasi (Leo)



Sun will be transiting into your 1st house and 2nd house indicating unfavorable position for entire this month. Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu, Venus are in excellent position during this month. You will continue to see great success and happiness. Since Mars is on your 12th house, it may create some disappointments epsecially towards your fixed assets / land and vechicles. In general, this month also looks great for you!




You will be very healthy during this month. Your mental stress would also come down drastically. There is nothing to worried with respect your health perspective.



Family, Love and relationship


You will have very smooth relationship with your spouse and children. Your family environment would be very happy. Your long term wishes will come true. You may very well go ahead and plan for any subha karyas.


If you are single, it is a very good time to find your match. You may get engaged and get married durings this time. You would be very happy with your mate in general.


Work / Career and Business


You should be having excellent job by now. You are having the favorable time when a person can have once in a decade. Your work environment would be very happy. You will get a promotion and salary hike during this month, if you did not get in the last month.


Business people will see their best fortune during this month. You can enter into business expansion and new venture. Foreign transactions may cause minor delays however nothing to be worried.



Immigration / Foreign Travel


If you are waiting for immigration benefits, it would get approved this month. If you waiting for foreign travels, your dream will come true during this month.


Finance and Investments


Your finance situation will keep getting better. If you have any debts, you would start paying off them. Your expenses will come under your control. You will see your bank saving account growing faster. Inflow of money is likely from many direction.


You can enter onto stock market on the mid / long term basis. Speculative Option trading would not be good since it requires natal chart support.


Social Life


If you are into politics, movie or any media industry, you would see excellent time and great happiness. You will win over your opponents and see great success. You will become very popular in the society during this month.


Warnings / Pariharam


No warning signals for you since major planets are in their best position. Use this opportunity to settle down in your life well. Have fun!



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