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Volume 3 - Issue 9

September 2013

Thalaiva - Movie Review

Starring: Vijay, Amala Paul, Sathyaraj,
A L Vijay
S. Chandraprakash Jain
G V Prakash Kumar
Release Date:
Aug 20, 2013


Thalaiva movie was released on Aug 20 in TamilNadu due to some controversies, eventhough the film was released worldwide by Aug 9, 2013. Vijay and Amala Paul joins together first time through this movie. It is a good entertaining, political and action movie.


This story starts with 25 years back, Dharavi, Bombay. Ramaduari (Sathyaraj), also known as Anna, leads to fight against Maharashtrians to protect immigrant Tamilians. During the fight, Ramadurai losing his wife and ends up in giving his son Viswa to Ratnam (Nasar). Ratnam takes Viswa to Austrlia and Ramaduari becomes a Mafia Don in Dharavi, Mumbai. The son of Maharashtrian's leader, Bhima Bhai wanted to take revenge on Ramadurai for killing his father.




The story moves onto current year. Now Viswa is an adult and runs mineral water company along with his friend Logu (Santhanam). He is in contact with his fathe but unware of his position in Mumbai. One day Viswa falls in love with Meera Narayanan (Amala Paul). He discuss the marriage proposal with Meera's father (Suresh). Meera also proposes to Viswa and reveals her interest in meeting his father Ramadurai.


Now Viswa, Logu, Meera and her father flying to Mumbai to meet his father. Now Viswa meets his father through Ranga (Ponvannan) and comes to kmnow the whole background of his father. When viswa and Ramadurai meets Meera and her father, the secret is revealed that meera and her father are the police officers. They arrest Ramadurai but he got killed in police van due to an explosion. Viswa noting down that the van was bombed by Bhima Bhai and his gang.


Viswa wants to continue his father's role. But he got beaten by the police and he came out with Meera's help. Now people in Dharavi consider Visawa as successor of Ramadurai. Now the remaining story involves on how Viswa manages Bhima Bhai and his gang. He is coming to know at the end that Ranga helping Bhima Bhai by playing double role.


Viswa realled managed to win over Bhima Bhai and Ranga's same side goal? Whether Meera is in really love with Viswa? Viswa and Meera got married or not? To know the answers, you can watch the film on the movie theatre.


Vijay looks very young and played his role well. The action is given more importance than romance and comedy. It is going to another typical tamil masala film. But it is a good movie to watch, especially for vijay fans.