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Volume 4 - Issue 4

April 2014

Astrology - April 2014 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan)

April 2014 Monthly Rasi Palan (Horoscope) for each moon sign


Sun will be transiting into Meena and Mesha during this month. Mars Retrograte continue to stay in Kanni Rasi for entire this month. Saturn Rx and Rahu will be Thula Rasi. Jupiter will continue move faster in Midhuna Rasi. Venus will be Kumba Rasi and moves on to Meena Rasi by end of this month. Mercury is moving faster and making transits into Meena and Mesha Rasi during this month.


This month is not eventful since major planets continue to stay in their sign. But you will see the malefic or benefic results based on the position in a very much faster pace during this month.



April 2014 Rasi Palan


Cick on your moon sign below to find your rasi palan (Horoscope) for the month of April 2014 on this page.

Mesham (Aries) Rishabham (Taurus) Midhunam (Gemini) Katagam (Cancer)
Simham (Leo) Kanni (Virgo) Thulam (Libra) Vrichigam (Scorpio)
Dhanush (Sagittarius) Makaram (Capricorn) Kumbam (Aquarius) Meenam (Pisces)