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Volume 4 - Issue 8

August 2014

Astrology - August 2014 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan) for Vrichiga Rasi (Scorpio)


Sun will be transiting into your 9th and 10th house indicating favorable position for entire this month. Jupiter and Rahu are in excellent position for you. Mars staying on 12th house for entire this month can create some disappointments. Since Saturn is losing its strength, there is a good reason to be optimistic to see the growth in this month. Overall this month is looking excellent compared to last couple of months.



You will have sound health for entire this month. Since Mars is on your 12th house, you will get disturbed sleep for a couple of days. You can do prayers and meditation to gain more positive energies. Nothing to be worried too much with Jupiter on your 9th house. You need to have good diet and exercise to maintain your good health.


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Family, Love and relationship 

You would have suffered a lot for the last over 2 weeks because of Sade Sani. Now you will start fixing the problems with the support of Jupiter on your 9th house. By end of this month, you will develop smooth relationship with your spouse.


If you were separated from your spouse, you can sort out the problems and will join with your spouse anytime during this month. Make sure you have enough tolerance and patience to lead good married life with your spouse, since upcoming Janma Sani by end of this year will make things worse again.


If you are single, it is a good time to look for a match. You may get engaged in the coming months. Lovers will talks and resolve their conflicts and start enjoying romance. Eligible couples will get blessed with a baby.



Students will start making good progress in this month. You will realize the mistake in the past and focus more on your studies. It is an excellent time for you to catch up on your education level.


Work / Career and Business 

The impact of Saturn would have felt a lot in the last two weeks. Now Jupiter will fix the problems at your workplace and give you excellent recovery. If you are unemployed or looking for a job change, you can do it during this month. You will excellent offers after Aug 15, 2014. Your office politics will come down as the month progress and you will start moving up on your career. Great financial rewards are also indicated on the cards.


Business people will see excellent recovery on their business. Your business will pick up at moderate pace and you can not expect sudden windfalls since Saturn is on your 12th house. But you will make good progress and you will be happy about it.


Immigration / Foreign travel 

If you apply for a visa, you will get it after Aug 15, 2014. You will also make good progress in immigration for the next two months.


Finance and Investments 

You will continue to see excellent financial recovery during this month. For the last 203 weeks would have been miserable with the combined effects of Mars and Saturn. Now the impact of Jupiter will be much more than Saturn and you can expect to go up on your financial situation. You will also stay paying off your debts and can do refinance to lower your APR.


It is OK for you to enter into stock market. However make sure that you have strong natal chart support, especially if you are doing day trading or options / futures. If you are not sure, it is better to stay away from trading for this month.


People in the field of Movie, Arts, Politics, etc 

Things are looking excellent for movie artists, musicians, politicians or VIPs. This is the kind of time you are waiting for a long time. You will start regaining your lost name and fame from the people again. Think twice on your decisions since both Saturn and Mars are on your 12th house.


Warnings / Pariharam 

This month is looking great and you will make excellent progress in many aspects of your life.


1. Avoid taking non-veg food for entire this month to feel more positive energies.

2. Visit temple on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

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