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Volume 4 - Issue 1

January 2014

Biriyani Movie Review

Starring: Karthi, Hansika Motwani, Premgi Ameran, Ramki
Venkat Prabhu
K.E. Gnanavel Raha
Yuvan Sankar Raja
Release Date:
Dec 20, 2013


Biriyani is comdey and thriller movie released in Dec 2013. This movie is written and directed by Venkat Prabhu. Sugan (Karthi) and Parasuram (Premgi) are close friends. This movie starts with a break up scene between Sugan and Priyanaka Sharama (Hansika Motwani).




Sugan got fed up with the separation and could not tolerate the pain. Sugan and Parsuram had drinks and started searching for favorite food Biriyani. But as soon as they take Biriyani, there is a big twist on biriyani. Is there any magic in Biriyani? Interested in knowing about this special biriyani. Watch the movie on theatre on your own risk. Since people could not tolerate the previous movie done by Karthi "All in All Azhagu Raja". Lets hope this film can bring some good news to karthi.,