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Volume 4 - Issue 7

July 2014

Astrology - July 2014 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan) for Dhanushu Rasi (Sagittarius)


Sun will be transiting into your 7th and 8th house indicating unfavorable position for entire this month. Rahu teaming up with Jupiter to create more problems for you this month. To make things worse, both Mercury and Venus are going against you as well. But Saturn and Mars will team up together to protect you very well. Overall it is going to be very problematic period month for you. The only relief you can have is problems will be under control because of Saturn and Mars combination.



Your emotional stress will shoot up and it will start affecting your health as well. Any warning signs should not be ignored. You will get into panic mode with too many problems around you. You need to learning on how to relax and keep your mind stable. You will not have physical problems but mental stress will keep you have sleepless nights.


You have to be very careful with friend's circle. They can make you addicted to drinking alcohol and other bad relationship. It will also affect your name and fame in the social circle.


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July 2014 Monthly Rasi Palan Astrology Predictions For Dhanushu Rasi


Family, Love and relationship

You will start having misunderstanding, conflicts and severe fights with close family members including your spouse and children. Problems will start going out of control if you are not careful. You need to have enough tolerance and patience to manage the situation. Any misunderstanding with your spouse will develop into serious fights and may create temporary separation in the coming months. Since Saturn and Mars are good in position, it will keep problems under control.


If you are single and looking for a match, it is the perfect worst time to do it. Still if you proceed, your engagements might stop for unwanted reasons. Lovers will have hectic emotional pain and if you are not careful, it can lead temporary separation and end up in broken relationship.



Students will perform well on their studies but unwanted fear will occupy their mind. With the support of Mars and Saturn, you will get into good college / school this time. But you need to be very careful since current planetary combination can create one side love affairs that can affect your studies completely.


Work / Career and Business

You might have noticed that things are not looking good for you in the last one month. The negative impact will continue very well into this month. You will see both positive and negative results during this month. You will keep developing hidden enemies so fast and they will make your life miserable.


Office politics will get worse and your boss will be very happy in doing micro management on you. If you have any pending promotions, it may get approved around July 20 only if you have natal chart strength. Otherwise it will get delayed for another couple of months. It is time for you to stay at the current level and not looking for growth. With the support of Saturn and Mars, you can keep your Job safe for this month.


Business people will start feeling pressure and you would not be able to meet the dead lines set by the clients. You will be placed under very hot seat and your work pressure and tension shoot up. You will not any new projects. The key employees will leave your company and give you very hectic time. Business competition will be very high. Some cash inflow is life after July 14, 2014.


Immigration / Foreign travel

Any pending immigration benefits will stuck further and will not make any progress. If you are expecting visa to travel abroad, it will get rejected. If you have natal chart strength, you will make some progress after July 15, 2014.


Finance and Investments

Expenses will keep moving out of control and there is no surprise if you need to borrow money by start of the month. Make sure you protect your assets and investments since wealth destruction is indicated on the cards. Any important financial decisions must wait for the next couple of months otherwise you have to take a huge loss.


If you are dealing with real estate transactions, be careful since you are likely to get cheated with duplicate documents. Some support is indicated with planets to sell your properties after July 14, 2014.


Stay away from stock market trading. Traders will start seeing their worst part of the life. Speculators will keep losing their hard earned money. Be careful since severe wealth destruction is indicated from this month onwards. Exit from your speculative position and move on to fixed assets.


People in the field of Movie, Arts, Politics, etc

Politicians, Movie artist and people in media sector will see sudden debacle this month. Avoid signing new contracts since it can create financial problems and you will also lose your fame in the industry. As long as you can stay at current level and keep your fame, it would be a great achievement.


Warnings / Pariharam

You will be completely placed under severe testing period. Expect the unexpected worst things happening to you.


1. Avoid taking non-veg food for entire this month.

2. Visit temple on Thursdays and Saturdays.


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