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Volume 4 - Issue 3

March 2014

Astrology - March 2014 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan)

March 2014 Monthly Rasi Palan (Horoscope) for each moon sign


Sun will be transiting into Kumba and Meena during this month. Mars goes into Retrograte on 1st of this month and will be Thula Rasi but in backward motion until March 25, 2014 and then move back onto Kanni Rasi. Jupiter turns direct on March 06, 2014 after 4 months. Mercury also turns direct in the begining of the month in Makara Rasi and move to Kumba Rasi on March 12, 2014. Venus will be in Makara Rasi for entire this month. Saturn goes retrograde on March 2, 2014.


If you notice that Mars and Saturn goes retrograde and Mercury and Jupiter turns direct. All 4 events are happening in the first week of March 2014. There will be sudden swings in stock market and life events can be expected. Planets motions will get stablize by March 15, 2014.



March 2014 Rasi Palan


Cick on your moon sign below to find your rasi palan (Horoscope) for the month of March 2014 on this page.

Mesham (Aries) Rishabham (Taurus) Midhunam (Gemini) Katagam (Cancer)
Simham (Leo) Kanni (Virgo) Thulam (Libra) Vrichigam (Scorpio)
Dhanush (Sagittarius) Makaram (Capricorn) Kumbam (Aquarius) Meenam (Pisces)