Financial Astrology - Bill Gates Birth Chart


Bill Gates, born on Oct 28, 1955, is an American Business Magnate, Investor, world richest man, philanthropist and co-founder of Microsoft Corporation. Let's check at his horoscope (birth chart as per vedic astrology) of Bill Gates and look into the planetry position to find out what made him so powerful person in this earth.





Here is the birth chart of Bill Gates:

Birth Chart Bill Gates Vedic Astrology


First Chart in English:


Dasa Bhukthi Table: Dasa Bhukthi Table for Bill Gates


Second Chart in English:


Planets in debilitated position: Sun

Planets in exalted position: Mercury, Saturn

Planets in own house: Venus


When Ketu Maha Dasa started in 1975, Bill Gates started Microsoft Corporation. When he started off with favorable Venus Maha Dasa by end of 1981, he bought the rights for DOS operating system and later renamed to windows. During Venus Dasa and Moon Bukthi, Bill Gates became youngest billionaire. Bill gates got married in 1994 when during Jupiter and Saturn Sub Period under Venus Maha Dasa. Towards the end of Venus Maha Dasa, that is in January 2000, Bill Gates stepped down as CEO of Microsoft Corporation and handed over to Steve Balmer.


By looking at his life events, he started shining well in Venus Maha Dasa and he stayed as CEO of Microsoft until end of Venus Maha Dasa. The next Sun Maha Dasa, is favorable only because of Neecha Banga Raja Yogam with Saturn. However it does not help to stay him focus on leading the company as CEO and started moving towards charity organization. Bill Gates started his Melinda Gates Foundation at the start of Sun Maha Dasa and still continues to spend his service as a philanthropist.


By looking at his chart, the array of planets on his poorva punya sthanam created raja yogam on his chart. Exalted Saturn, Debilitated Sun and Own House Venus are his 5th house. Besides Ketu placement on his 12th house is capable of creating "Moksha" based on his chart.