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Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Who will win?


Donald Trump is an American Business Man, 2016 Presidential candidate for United States. He was born on Jun 14 1946 at 10:54 am in Jamaica, New York.





Here is the birth chart of Donald Trump:

Birth Chart Donald Trump Vedic Astrology


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Dasa Bhukthi Table: Dasa Bhukthi Table for Donald Trump


Planets in Good position: Sun, Jupiter, Rahu, Mercury, Moon, Ketu

Planets in Weak position: Mars, Saturn

Planets in Netural position: Venus


If you look at his chart, you will see benefic Jupiter is placed on his 2nd house. The second lord Mercury is placed on his 11th house in its own sign. The combination of Mercury and Jupiter made him very rich. He went through Venus Maha Dasa in early life that would have given him mixed results.



He has done very well during both Sun and Moon Maha Dasa for 16 years starting from Oct 1975 to Oct 1991. But once he started off Mars Maha Dasa from Oct 1991, he had filed bankruptcies. He is currently Rahu Maha Dasa from Oct 1998, which is looking very good for him to achive great success on business. The weak point on his chart is Mars placement on his Janma Lagna (Ascendant).



He announced his candidacy for 2016 US presidential election on June 16, 2015. He will be starting his favorable Jupiter Maha Dasa from Sep 30, 2016. The positive effects of Jupiter Maha Dasa will start at least 1.5 year in advance. Sun represents the government sector. He has got favorable Sun placement on his 10th house representing career. Besides Jupiter is aspecting his sun very closely which is very powerful. With the upcoming influence of Jupiter Maha Dasa and Jupiter and Sun aspects, he is able to keep lead position in 2016 US presidential election in Republican Party.


There is no doubt on his natal chart is supporting towards starting him with a great political career because of Jupiter Maha Dasa. But he belongs to Scorpio Moon Sign as per vedic astrology. Based on transit planets, both Mars and Saturn are making conjunction and passing through his moon sign from Feb 20, 2016 and Sep 18, 2016. He needs to cross this period especially between Feb 20, 2016 and March 20, 2016 with lead in order to move forward towards US Presidential Election. Jupiter transit by Aug 2016 will starting supporting him to great extent.


Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Who will win?


Written on Dec 19, 2015