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Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Who will win?


Hillary Clinton is an American Politician born on Oct 26 1947 at 8:02 am in Chicago, IL. She is having great political career starting from 1979 when she became First Lady of Arkansas. First Lady of the united states between 1993 and 2001. She served as a New York Senator from Jan 2001 and Jan 2009.





Here is the birth chart of Hillary Clinton:

Birth Chart Hillary Clinton Vedic Astrology


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Dasa Bhukthi Table: Dasa Bhukthi Table for Hillary Clinton


Planets in Good position: Sun, Rahu, Saturn, Moon, Mercury, Venus

Planets in Weak position: Jupiter, Mars, Ketu



If you look at her chart, you can see an excellent Maha Parivarthana Yoga between Moon and Saturn. This 5th and 10th house connection is making her chart very powerful. She is also having excellent Neecha Banga Raja Yoga with Venus and Sun on her chart. Except Jupiter, Mars and Ketu, the 6 planets are placed in excellent position.

With this powerful chart and having sequence of favorable maha dasa is making her to stay long time in her political career. From Jan 2015, she has started running Neecha Banga Raja Yoga in connection with Sun. Currently she is getting very much favorable Jupiter on transit aspecting her Aquarius Moon Sign. She will clearly get selected as democratic candidate for 2016 US presidential election.


However Jupiter transit onto her 8th house from Aug 2016, can create setback. Unfavorble Jupiter and Saturn in transit from Aug 2016 will make her very difficult to win in 2016 US presidential election. The only support she has got is, she is under very much favorable Sun Maha Dasa that is supporting her career in politics. She will continue to lead until Aug 2016. Things may change after Mid Aug 2016 once Jupiter moves onto your 8th house. She needs to depend on her natal chart for winning in presidential race.


Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Who will win?


Written on Dec 19, 2015