Vedic Astrology - Rajinikanth Birth Chart


Superstar Rajinikanth, born on Dec 12, 1950 at 11:54 PM in Bangalore, India. He is the most popular movie star in India who achieved great name and fame across the entire indian country and other countries as well. What made him so popular in movie field and made him very rich?





Lets look at his birth chart.


Rajinikanth Rajini Birth Chart Date Time


Chart in English:

Dasa Bhukti Table: Click here to view dasa bhukti table


He born in Simha Lagna and Thiruvonam Star 2nd Pada in Makara Rasi. He has excellent Jupiter placement on his 7th house aspecting his ascendant giving him enough energy, success and popularity. The key point of his success is Saturn placed on his 2nd house and aspecting his 8th and 11th house. Sun, the lagna lord is placed on his 4th house and aspecting 10th house. Since Sun represents government sector, this is one of the reason people wanted to him enter into politics.


His 10th lord Venus is in conjunction with 11th lord mercury made him to choose his career into movie industry. Of course, he is also having malefic planets that is Moon and Mars on his 6th house. The good things he has completed both mahadasa at his very young age is 14 years old. Initial part of Rahu Maha Dasa did not go well for him because of his 8th house placement. Duing the middle phase of Rahu Maha Dasa, his first movie Apoorva Raagangal release on Aug 18, 1975 that is during Ketu Bhukthi. He has started moving up in career during Rahu Maha Dasa and Venus Bhukthi.


At the start of Jupiter Maha Dasa, his growth has started moving as exponential. He continued to see great success on his career and family life. He keep gaining fame and rised to Superstar in movie industry.


During Sani Maha Dasa (from Dec 1998), he started moving towards more into spiritual direction. Powerful saturn placement made him sit in a very strong position and he continues to hold superstar image eventhough he did not act many movies during Sani MahaDasa. He is going to have another period golden with the current saturn transit (Nov 2014 to Oct 2017) since Saturn will be on his 11th house to his moonsign. He will see excellent and skyrocketting growth in the coming years since Sani Bhagwan will be on his 11th house.


Interestingly, if you notice both Superstar Rajinikanth and Shahrukh Khan are having same ascendant, same star and same moon sign and running same sani maha dasa.