Vedic Astrology - Shahrukh Khan Birth Chart


Shahrukh Khan was born on Nov 02, 1965, the most popular bollywood movie star, indian actor, producer, philanthropist. He is also the most liked person in the movie industry and by the people across many countries. What made him so popular in movie field and made him very rich?






Lets look at his birth chart.


Shahrukh Khan Birth Chart


Chart in English:

Dasa Bhukti Table: Click here to view dasa bhukti table


He was born in Simha Lagna and Thiruvonam Star 4th Pada in Makara Rasi. He has excellent Jupiter placement on his 11 house aspecting his ascendant lord, poorva puna sthanam and saturn. Since Jupiter is aspecting his 7th house and 7th lord very nicely, he became so popular in the world, especially when he started running Jupiter Maha Dasa by Feb 1992 onwards. Since his 10th lord Venus is nicely aspected by great benefic Jupiter, he got great success in movie industry. The same aspect made him so popular as romantic hero.


Moon, Mars and Rahu are not placed well on his chart. He was acting in Television towards the end of Rahu Maha Dasa. As soon as Jupiter Maha Dasa, he entered into movie industry that is mid of 1992. He achived great success during entire Jupiter Maha Dasa that is until Feb 2008. His Guru Placement is also called Guru Chandala Yoga.


Very fortunately his saturn is placed on 7th house on its own sign. Besides benefic Jupiter is aspecting Saturn and he could move up further during Sani Maha Dasa also. Based on the ruling planets, he is going to have another period golden with the current saturn transit (Nov 2014 to Oct 2017) since Saturn will be on his 11th house to his moonsign. He will see excellent and skyrocketting growth in the coming years since Sani Bhagwan will be on his 11th house.


Interestingly, if you notice both Superstar Rajinikanth and Shahrukh Khan are having same ascendant, same star and same moon sign and running same sani maha dasa.