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Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Who will win (written on Dec 2015)?

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Facebook comments about my successful predictions about Trump Winning US Preseidential election Nov 2016


Nov 08, 2016 - US Presidential Election Results came out today and Donald Trump is officially declared as the president the of united states. I have written Mr. Trump is going to win in US presidential election in 2015 (one year ago), before even he was nominated for republican party. I have got numerous number of questions through email, phone consultation, Facebook and twitter pages since then, whether I could change my predictions based on the polls and news.


Donald Trump: Scorpio (Viruchiga Moon Sign)

Hillary Clinton: Aquarius (Kumbha Moon Sign)



I do not have the habit of changing or deleting predictions based on what's going on. I trust in Vedic astrology and predicted his winning long time ago. I did not see any reason to change my predictions based on vedic astrology since I could see their (Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton) birth time is correct. FYI - Change in birth time is only factor that can affect the predictions significantly. I do not belong to either party and hence I am not excited with the outcome.


Vedic astrology is very powerful and it continues to prove that working very well accurately in modern world including western people. I specifically mentioned western people here since I get lot of questions regarding Vedic astrology will work for people born in western countries.


Congratulations to Mr. Donald Trump!

With Mr. Trump presidency, overall economy will get much better, even though some sectors can get affected. Since he is currently running favorable Jupiter Maha Dasa, he will earn great respect in the upcoming years. I take this opportunity to thank you everyone for followed me through this website, youtube, facebook and twitter pages as well as emails.


God bless you!

KT Astrologer

Written on Nov 08, 2016 11:39 PM PST

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Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Who will win?

Tweet about donald trump winning on my twitter account