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Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Who will win?


I have given here my astrological analysis on who will win between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on 2016 US Presidential election on Nov 08, 2016 based on vedic astrology. Unlike western astrology, vedic astrology will follow moon sign and maha dasa for predicting the victory.



Donald Trump: Scorpio (Viruchiga Moon Sign)

Hillary Clinton: Aquarius (Kumbha Moon Sign)



Election Date: Tuesday Nov 08, 2016


Hillary Clinton is running Sun Maha Dasa from Jan 2015 and Donald Trump is running Rahu Maha Dasa until Sep 30, 2016. However he will be under the influence of Jupiter Maha Dasa from March 2015.


Based on the transit planets, Hillary Clinton's time is looking good with Jupiter on her 7th house but only until Mid Aug 2016. Saturn on her 8th house for entire 2016, will create more pressure and tension for her. This will make sure that she will get selected as a democratic presidential candidate. But winning in the election would be a big question mark, since Jupiter will move onto her 8th house in Aug 2016. She needs to depend on her natal chart for winning the US presidential election.



Where as Donald Trump, current time is looking bad with Saturn on his moon sign. Jupiter is also not in good position. But things will continue to get better for him from Aug 2016 when Jupiter moves onto his 11th house. Besides he will be starting his Jupiter Maha Dasa from Sep 30, 2016, which will make sure he wins during the US presidential election on Nov 8, 2016.


Since Mars and Saturn are making conjunction from Feb 20, 2016 on his moon sign, can pull him down from the US presidential race. But things will get keep getting better for him from March 23, 2016 since he will be fast approaching his favorable Jupiter Maha Dasa.


Overall, if US presidential election happens between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Donald Trump will win against Hillary Clinton since Jupiter is supporting him on the transit.



Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Who will win?


Written on Dec 19, 2015