Right Time for Investment using Financial Astrology


People do worry about getting job and earning money at the start of their career. However as the time progress, once enough money is made, how to manage the money? Managing money is also another big problem in fast moving competitive world. People who are good in earning money through job, may not be good in investments.


If you making a big investment like buying home or speculating in stock market, then it is better to look at your natal chart with your astrologer at least once, since it is not going to harm you in anyway. Only it can help you to make the better decisions.


The thumb rule in financial astrology for making money is based Jupiter and Saturn on ruling with respect to your moon sign. When both planets are in good position, then you can enter into stock market definitely. It is also a good time to buy a new home or expand your investments into real estate.


The ruling planets need to support your growth. However how much risk you can take is solely depend on your natal chart. Since big investors will take huge windfall when their time is good but will suffer huge losses when their time is bad. You need to know about your strength on how much risk you can take. If you are not sure, then put a small amount of money and test it out when the ruling planets are in good position. Then you can increase your bet based on your fortune. So far the analysis based on the ruling planets.


Now lets look at the natal chart of a person. When you are running weak dasa or 6th lord, 8th lord of 12th lord, then you would not be successful in investments even when the ruling planets are in good position. The only benefit you can get even ruling planets are in good position with weak maha dasa is, your losses will be minimul and under control. But losses cannot be avoided.


In the same way, if you have excellent raja yoga dasa, that is Jupiter Maha Dasa when Jupiter is placed well on your chart, you will continue to be successful on your investments eventhough ruling planets are not in good position. If the ruling planets are not in good position, the only problem you see is your profits will go down and growth will be minimal. But you will continue to move up at slower pace.


Thus the ruling planets are very important since it can increase or decrease your fortune. But your natal chart dictates whether you can make money through investment or not.