Financial Astrology - Can I start my own business?


Many People would be interested in doing business or at least would have thought about doing business. Working for a company is much different from doing a business based on astrology. When you do business, you are taking a big risk but the reward will also be very big. There is no upper limit on profit for business. You are not bound to certain income level.


Whether you can do business or not? Can it be found using financial astrology? Yes, it is very much possible to find it through astrology.


The natal chart of the person indicates whether a person is successful in doing business or not. It can be found using 10th house, 11th house and 6th house. The effects of Bhadaka, Karaka and Maraka needs to be taken into consideration. When to start the business depends on current maha dasa and strength of ruling planets.


Saturn is very important planet for getting success in business. If you want to book windfall profits on your business saturn should be present at your 11th house, 6th house or 3rd house as ruling planets. Otherwise you should be running a raja yoga mahadasa which is capable of giving you success by ignoring the position of the ruling planets.

What if Maraka or Bhadaka is present in your 11th house or 10th house or aspecting these houses? Then you would not be successful in doing business and you will experience huge losses when you get into business. The position of 6th house and 6th lord is also very important because it will give your ability to succeed on your business in competition. If you a weak 6th house, then you will develop hidden enemies and your business will get closed for unknown reason.


If you are interested in doing business, its great! But make sure your chart supports. Otherwise you can give your strategic ideas into business as an employee. If you spouse is having good time, then you can do business on spouse name and provide your contribution to the business as employee. If both are not having good natal chart support for business, then it is better to avoid doing business.


Do you have interest in doing business and you got ideas? Check your natal chart with your local astrologer in your area.