Stock Price Movement in Financial Astrology


Is it possible to predict the stock price with astrology? Based on my 7 years of research in financial astrology, I have to give you complex answer to this question. If you create a natal chart for the first trading day of the stock or the day when company was founded, it will give you a quick start but often horoscope will go wrong for sure. If you find any websites / astrologers where they can give you horoscope for a stock price based on first tradiing day, then you will get burned with your investments. Please continue to read this article for more.


Mundane Astrology often belived to predict the events of the world outcome based solar and lunar eclipse and planets conjunction. This study has extended to predict the politics of a country, region, world disaster events like earthquake. It is also used in predicting financila astrology to predict the stock market movement. However many times, it gives the incorrect results. It can be either astrologers are not capable of predicting correctly or it is not possible to predict each and every time. For each and every day, there will be malefic and benefic aspects. But which strength is more, whether it can influence the stock market prices positively or not, will vary. Based on inefficiency of the astrologers or mudane astrology system, it is not possible to predict the price movement of a stock 100% (or even 75%) correctly.

Stock price movement is based on the ownership of the company. Not based on the first trading day or the day when it was founded. Consider a case - If you know that 3 people are holding 75% of the stock in a company, then you need to look into those 3 people chart. Besides you also need to know what are all other investment they have it currently. Based on that you can predict the stock price. But what if you do not know the birth details of those persons? What if the company ownership percentage chances over period of time? Then it is not possible to predict the price based on the ticker symbol.

If a new investor in buying 40% of stocks in a company, then you can look at his chart and based on that you can say whether the price is expected to move up or down. In practical, we do not even know the complete major stock holders. Even if you know, it is completely impossible to get the birth chart of those people. Overall prediction for a company stock price based on financial astrology is clear way to fool the novice investors and speculators around the world.


Let's make it simple, it is not possible to predict one company stock price movement based on financial astrology. However it is definitely possible to predict the price (ETF or fund) movement for one sector completely. I mean we can predict the price movement of complete banking sector, commodities, technology sector, etc. Here is the reason why it is so? By looking at the natal chart of a person, we can clearly say that this person will shine well in movie industry, politics, IT or finance, etc. The reason the "Karaka" would be placed well on their chart. For example, banking sector is ruled by the planet Jupiter. If Jupiter is very strong and he is running favorable Jupiter Maha Dasa, he would shine very well in banking sector or in other words banking sector would be profitable for him. When the karaka is going strong meaning exalted in ruling, those people will shine a lot. Currently Jupiter is in exalted position in cancer and hence banking industry will do good in this time. In the same way, Saturn is exalted for the last 3 years and hence big corporations had done wonderful job. Like it is possible to predict the price movement for one particular sector since it is easy to guess the natal chart of the people associated with the sector through karaka. In the same the stock price for one particular company is possible to predict only if you know the major stakeholders of the company.




Still if you want to know the stock price of a particular company for investment? Do not look at the report based on the stock symbol. Just look at your own natal chart and find out whether you are running good time or not.