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2014 Financial Astrology Horoscope


2014 Financial Astrology Horoscope For Kataga Rasi (Cancer)



For Kataga Rasi People, this year 2014 might begin with a happy time. But unfortunately it will not continue for the rest of the year. With respect to your financial situation, the period until July 04, 2014 would bring favorable results. The period after July 04, 2014 looking really worse. Your debt level will skyrocket in the second half of this year, hence you need to be very careful and protect your assets well before end of April 2014.



Bank Loan Approval and Home Buying Opporutunities


If you have natal chart support, it is good to proceed with apply for a bank loan for new home. Your bank loans with get approved before first week of Feb 2014. The time period between March 25, 2014 and July 04, 2014 looking good to buy and move into your new home. If can not make any progress before end of April 2014, then it is better to wait for the next 18 months.


If you have weak maha dasa and / or bukthi period running, if you have too much of debts, then you can consider liquidating your properties. It is a good time to sell your land or old home between March 25, 2014 and June 15, 2014. It is also a very good time to refinance your mortgage to lower APR. You need to prepare for the worst from July 2014 onwards with respect to your financial situation.



Tradings Stocks and Commodities


If you have weak maha dasa, it is better to avoid investing in stock or commodities for the whole year. Otherwise you can proceed with investing into commodities between March 25, 2014 and June 15, 2014. Jan 2014 is also looking good but better to avoid. Other periods are not good for any kind of investments and indicating only destruction of wealth.



Tradings Options and Futures


Avoid kind of speculative options and futures trading for the whole year. Only people running with Raja Yoga Maha Dasa can make progress until June 2014.


NOTE: Remember the thumb rule in financial astrology. When your time is not good, if you close your positions, then the stock price will move up. If you keep it open, then the price will go down. In either case, you will lose money by either losing your profit or adding your losses.


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