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Guru Peyarchi Palangal For Mesha Rashi (Aries) - (May 30, 2013 to June 19, 2014) - Jupiter Transit Horoscope

For your rasi, Guru was in labha Sthanam so far. It should have given you lots of relief especially on your heath, finance and career. Now Guru Bhagawan is moving onto your 3rd house that can affect you adversely during this transit.



Guru in 3rd house is aspecting your 7th, 9th and 11th house. You may expect to have problems with your spouse, parents, and immigration and visa issues in general. Your finance situation will get affected adversely and any hasty decision you take would end up in destruction of your wealth.



Your health would get affected because of kantaga sani besides absence of Jupiter Support. You will have problems within your family and that can give many sleepless nights. Having a very good diet and exercise is very important for you currently. The family and financial stress are the ones would affect your health more than physical problems. For some people, problems with your eye might show up.



If you are planning for subha karyas and it is better you postpone it for another one year at least. If you are in a hurry, then you have to check with your natal chart before making such decisions. Since ruling planets does not support engagements and weddings for another one year. You may also expect to have problems with your children that can give you more stress than usual.



The work life balance will also get affected for the next one year. Your managers would not be happy no matter how much effort you put in. Your managers will always pinpoint the work which has not been done so far by ignoring your hard work you put in. It will also affect your performance review and bonus. Promotions may not happen for you this year. If you are working in temporary visa in a foreign land, you may be asked to go back to your homeland. Even through you see so many problems with your work environment, your job would not be at risk in general. You will continue to have job with more problems.



The main thing you have to worry about with 3rd house Jupiter is your finance. Jupiter will amplify your debt level slowly and create Small Mountain of debt that can make you enter into panic situation. Any loans you take you have to pay excessive interest. Even if you take 0% credit card loans, you will forget to make one default payment and will end up paying 15% interest rate or more. Overdraft and borrowing money would be part of the life with this transit, any kind of speculative income you make will know only one direction which is down south. If you plan to buy a home, it is a perfect wrong time. Either you will be paying more for the property or there will be many problems associated with the property.



The people involved in business will have worst turn over during this period. Stay protective and reduce the expenses. Also avoid expanding any joint ventures / partnership and business expansion. Students need to put lot of efforts to get pass marks on their exams. Politicians and Movie stars will have hard time in keeping their name and fame in the society.



Here is the breakup of the timeline based on Jupiter transit on different star and motions.




May 30, 2013 to Jun 28, 2013 - Mixed Results (50 / 100)

Jupiter would be traversing in Mrigasheersham Star in forward motion during this period. You may experience mixed results both good bad during this period. It is a time for you to get prepare for the upcoming worst situation.



Jun 28, 2013 to Aug 31, 2013 and Mar 06, 2014 to April 24, 2014 - Severe Testing Period (30 / 100)

Jupiter would be traversing in Thiruvathirai Star would be an adverse testing period for you! Any thing you do would not be favorable to you. The problems with your spouse and other family members will go much deeper during this period. Do not plan any suba karya's during this period. The problems at you work environment will shoot up during this period.



Aug 31, 2013 to Nov 07, 2013 and April 24, 2014 to Jun 19, 2014 - Moderate Results (70 / 100)

Jupiter would be traversing in Punarpoosam Star would be a very big break for you. You will recover from the recent collapse psychologically. Anything important you need to do that cannot postponed can be done during this done. Situation would be little favorable for you in general. But it is not a time to start anything new. If you happen to have any suba karyas such as your son's or daughter's wedding, it can be done during this period as long as they have Jupiter support.



Nov 07, 2013 to March 06, 2014 - Long wait (50 / 100)

Jupiter is getting into backward motion during this period. Jupiter would be in punarpoosam star until Jan 17 and Thiruvathirai star until March 06, 2014. You have to stay in wait mode for everything you do. Any thing you do will get stuck during this period and you have to keep waiting on the results. Things will move very slowly during this period.



Overall this Guru Peyarchi is going to be a real testing period for you!




1. Avoid taking non-vegetarian food at least on Thursdays and Saturdays

2. Keep praying Guru Dakshinamoorthy, Saneeswaran and Rahu Bhagawan.

3. Help people who are in the need. Does not have to be in the form money. You can talk with them and give your advice to others, if you can.

4. Do prayers and meditation.


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