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Guru Peyarchi Palangal For Kanni Rashi (Virgo) - (May 30, 2013 to June 19, 2014) - Jupiter Transit Horoscope

For your rasi, Guru was in 9th house so far. It should have made your enjoyable and would have given you many life changing events in the last one year. The benefic effect of 9th house Jupiter might have been reduced with the last part of Sade Sani for some people running with weak maha dasa. People who have not experienced the actual benefit of Jupiter in the 9th house need to wait for one more year. By July 2013, you would have come out Sade sani even though Saturn transit is taking place by end of next year. The effect of Saturn can be seen at least before 6 months. Overall the next one year is going to be another testing period for you!



Jupiter in 10th house is aspecting your 2nd, 4th and 6th houses. You can expect to have more problems on your career front. Saturn in the 2nd house will aspect your 4th and 11th house indicating that you will have problems on any tangible property for sure and income will also go down.



Your health should be doing fine so far. Even though you would have faced mental stress with recent transit of Mars and Rahu. Now Jupiter is taking away its support, you will have some bitter pills on your health. However I do not foresee any major setback on your health since the worst part has been passed already with Janma Sani and Asthama Jupiter. During this transit, you will have problems but at low intensity. Mostly it will affect your work life and finance and rest will be secured.



Are you looking for a match? If you are running favorable dasa or bukthi, you may continue to proceed. Since you are at the last phase of Sade Sani, problems with family life would be very less. Your relationship with your spouse and other family members would continue to be good. I do not see any major conflicts.



When it comes to your work environment, of course, you will take serious bitter pills. You may get demotion or reduced salary package. Your work pressure would be more or you will be asked to do a work which you do not like it at all. You need to pass this hard time at your workplace. The good news is things should not be too bad compared to early part of 2012. Now you know how to handle the problems at your work place. Your immigration benefits may get delayed for no reason and your foreign trip will get postponed.



Your finance is the one which gets mainly affected with this transit. Since Rahu, Saturn and Jupiter are teaming up to collapse your savings and so you have to be very careful on your finance. Any real estate transactions you do will end up in loss and you may regret that you should have waited some more time to see high profit. Expenses will skyrocket since Saturn and Rahu are free to do things since Jupiter is not supporting you!



The people involved in business will have very difficult time this year. Joint ventures and partnership business will not be successful. You need to avoid business expansion and control the unwanted expenses. Traders will have worst time with respect to finance. Students will get good marks on their examinations. Politicians will also shine very well and regain their name and fame. The people involved in music’s, arts, movies will have good time.



Here is the breakup of the timeline based on Jupiter transit on different star and motions.




May 30, 2013 to Jun 28, 2013 - Hectic Work Environment (50 / 100)

Jupiter would be traversing in Mrigasheersham Star in forward motion during this period. You will have very hectic work environment. You will also develop conflicts and friction with upper management. It is a period to stay caution. Take care of your finance! Avoid any kind of real estate transactions during this period.



Jun 28, 2013 to Aug 31, 2013 and Mar 06, 2014 to April 24, 2014 - Mixed Results (60 / 100)

Jupiter would be traversing in Thiruvathirai Star in forward motion during this period. Avoid changing Job until otherwise you are forced to do so. Try to manage the problems at your work place. Your health and family problems may come up but the intensity will be very low.



Aug 31, 2013 to Nov 07, 2013 and April 24, 2014 to Jun 19, 2014 - Severe Testing Period (35 / 100)

Jupiter would be traversing in Punarpoosam Star in forward motion during this period. This is time you need to be very careful on everything you do. As long as you can keep everything on the same state with no growth, that is the great success for you! Some people with weak maha dasa will have problems with their spouse. But it will not occur to people with strong maha dasa. Expenses will skyrocket during this period.



Nov 07, 2013 to March 06, 2014 - Good Recovery (65 / 100)

Jupiter is getting into backward motion during this period. Jupiter would be in punarpoosam star until Jan 17 and Thiruvathirai star until March 06, 2014. This time period would be the reasonable for you and best part of this Guru Peyarchi. You will not go up but at least you will not have any new problems with respect to your career and finance.



Overall this Guru Peyarchi is going to be target your job and finance. The other aspects of your life will continue to shine since you have crossed the worst part already.





1. Avoid taking non-vegetarian food at least on Thursdays and Saturdays

2. Keep praying Guru Dakshinamoorthy, Saneeswaran and Ketu Bhagawan.

3. Help people who are in the need. Does not have to be in the form money. You can talk with them and give your advice to others, if you can.

4. Do prayers and meditation.



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